Best Anal Toys of 2024 πŸ‘

Best Anal Toys of 2024 πŸ‘
These toys sure are ready for a new ranking! 😈

Last year I thought I already discovered all of the best anal toys available. The journey to 2024 came with surprises and great toys that surpassed any I've used before 😳.

Top 5 Best Anal Toys in 2023
What are the best, must-have anal toys to get in 2023? We tested our vast collection so you can buy only the best. Find out the must-buys.

The previous ranking in 2023

Let's check out the new ranking!

#1: Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5

Okay, this one has a huge name, and Satisfyer should really make it easier to pronounce their toys 😝, but ignoring that, you'll find an A-MAZING anal toy.

Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 Inflatable Vibrator Review
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What's better than:

  • App-controlled butt plug from safe materials
  • Inflatable, using the app, and you can see exactly how much you've inflated it while you are inflating
  • Strong rumbly vibrations
  • Pleasurable vibrations patterns from the marketplace that last up to 15 minutes

First off, the inflation strongly intensified the vibrations, hitting all the right spots πŸ’¦. Combine that with marketplace vibrations – allowing you to sit back and relax while it surprises you with the next wave of rumbles? Is the vibration pattern going to tease you or squeeze you? You'll have to find out, and I absolutely love that 😈.

#2: Lovense Hush Butt Plug

Lovense Hush 1.5" Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug Review
The Lovense Hush First Edition

Okay okay, my camera skills have gotten better with time πŸ˜†. This is my first sex toy review, that started the Safe Lust blog!

While I reviewed the first edition of the Lovense Hush and haven't gotten my hands on the newer 2nd edition, I've read that it only got better. It's a great all-round butt plug with tons of interactive options.

Lovense Hush 1.5β€³ Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug Review
Reviewing the popular Lovense Hush 1.5β€³ remote controlled Bluetooth butt plug. It features one of the best mobile apps to control the butt plug.

Why am I choosing the Hush as the top 2? You won't want to miss this! In 2024, there are more interactive options than ever before! Let me explain πŸ˜‰.

Let me explain - SexLikeReal can be connected to your Hush!

SexLikeReal is a top-notch Virtual Reality Porn platform. They have tons of the latest VR porn, much so that I've purchased a lifetime subscription myself. Why am I mentioning this?

Lovense Hush Porn Immersion

SexLikeReal offers scripts! This allows you to sync your sex toys to the porn videos in real-time, which makes for a sensually immersive experience. Sure, we're used to having porn video scripts for male masturbators, but why not sync videos to a butt plug, and feel every stroke with a strong vibration 🀩?

With the HapticsConnect app you can connect your Lovense Hush to vibrate to the SexLikeReal videos! Every stroke, sends that butt plug vibing, hell yes 😈! And if you're into pegging porn, they even have some of those that you could sync to the Hush!

Sure if you want a quieter toy, the Kiiroo Lumen is a more discreet interactive butt plug, but Lovense has the edge on interactivity right now and you won't want to miss out connecting the Hush to SexLikeReal.

Kiiroo Lumen - Interactive Vibrating Butt Plug Review
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#3: B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite Butt Plug Review
The B-Vibe rimming plug petite teal

It's still one of my all-round favorite anal plugs. It has rotating metal beads in the neck that make for an amazing rimming sensation. It's nicely refreshing compared to the usual good ol' plug design. It's fun, innovative and it feels great!

B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite Butt Plug Review
A review of the B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite: Remote Controlled Butt Plug. A high-quality butt plug with metal rimming beads and strong vibrations for absolute pleasure.

It is on the pricier side and I the remote control is quirky, but its sensations keeps this toy solidly in the Top 3. On top of that, it comes in multiple cool colors!

B-Vibe please, please fix your remotes! Why not have it app-controlled, or have a rechargeable remote control? It's been a while since the rimming plug Petite was released; when are you going to release another game-changing innovative sex toy?

#4: B-Vibe Trio Plug

Another B-Vibe toy? There's no way around it! The Trio Plug has 3 different vibration zones, allowing for pulsating, and alternating vibrations.

B-Vibe Trio Rechargeable Butt Plug Review
The B-Vibe Trio Butt Plug has a unique 3-motor feature which surprised me. Find out all the details in this in-depth review at Safe Lust.

While it might sound plain at first, when combined with great patterns, these vibrations cause the plug to move in a subtle but sensual self-fucking motion πŸ₯΅. That was totally unexpected, but I love it!

#5: Fun Factory Bootie Plug

Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Review
Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Review
A review of the Fun Factory Bootie Plug -- a butt plug that has been long praised as being the perfect shape for g-/p-spot play. Let’s find out if that’s really the case!

The Bootie plug is a golden standard for butt plugs. Incredibly well-designed shape, and so simple but so effective!

  • Its larger bulb shape creates an intense p/g-spot sensation that you can't escape from.
  • Its thin neck and large base mean the plug won't randomly pop out, and it definitely won't get sucked in either.
  • It comes in multiple sizes

It's just such a good, timeless design for a butt plug that it's great for anybody starting out, to anal experts who will still be enjoying this plug. Well done Fun Factory!

#6: Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug Balls

Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug - Balls Review
The Strap-On-Me Balls looks and feels amazing!

Who said it's a top 5? I'm sneaking a 6th one in 🀫!

Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug - Balls Review
A hands-on review of the Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug Balls. How does it perform as a plug, dildo, or strap-on sex toy? Let’s find out right now

Strap-On-Me is an incredible brand that offers dildos of all shapes made from body-safe materials. Their silicone feels high-quality and their toys are well-designed.

The Dildo Plug Balls stood out for me, as the silicone is slightly soft, almost feeling like dual-density silicone. The balls texture makes for a more diverse and intense session.

I wouldn't call it a plug as it won't stay in, but it's a top-tier dildo!


Who says the Top 5 (uh 6) can't have extras? 😈 Alright you know where I'm getting at πŸ˜†.

Sex Machine


Anal toys can be combined with a sex machine for a real pounding. Your favorite dildo, and a sex machine? Count me in.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine Review & Full Guide
Review of the Hismith sex machine, noise levels, app, accessories and adapters, dildos and more. Is it as quiet as they say? Let’s find out!

You can even get 10% off and a free accessory with discount code SAFELUST.

Alright, I did say extras with an "s" right? There's one more πŸ˜†.

Glass Anal Toys

Glass anal toys offer much different sensations and easy cleaning. While I haven't found the best brand of glass sex toys yet, I did research how you can see the glass stresses, and tested a bunch of them in my glass anal toys haul, definitely worth a read.

Glass Anal Toys Haul 2023 - I Tested All The Glass Toys
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What about you?

How many of these toys do you have in your collection? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

  • If you have 5 of these toys, put a 😈 in the comments below
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  • If you have 1 of these toys, put a 😏 in the comments below

Did I miss any of your favorite anal toys? Let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to review it next!

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