Kiiroo FeelReya - Reya Sunshine Masturbator Review

Kiiroo FeelReya - Reya Sunshine Masturbator Review
Get ready for an adventure with FeelReya πŸš€
Deliciously stimulating 😎

By now you are probably familiar with Kiiroo and their range of amazing sex toys. From blowjob machines, automatic masturbator and sex machines, to glow-in-the-dark masturbators, they have it all.

All of them have been a great hit so far, and I'm fully excited for my first review of a Kiiroo masturbator which is modelled to an adult actress πŸ₯°!

Meet Reya Sunshine β˜€οΈ. Born in 1990, she has starred in over 200 videos, won an XBIZ award, modelled for a virtual reality game and now even has a Kiiroo FeelStroker modelled to her, allowing us to feel what it's like to be with her.

Kiiroo has been kind enough to provide the FeelReya in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links in this review help support me with running costs, as always – I am truly grateful for your support πŸ₯°.


Okay, we need a minute to admire this packaging πŸ”₯! The FeelReya box has a beautiful, very enticing photo of Reya Sunshine β˜€οΈ.

Reya Sunshine's stroker really stood out for me amongst the other FeelStars strokers – I couldn't wait to try it out. It stood out in terms of orifice shape, texture and the adult actress herself.

There's a sticker on the box which acts as a hygiene sticker. While you could try to re-stick it, it should be quite clear whether it has been tampered with.

When unboxing the FeelReya (or FeelStrokers) you're first met with the suction cap and the fancy Kiiroo Feel logo.

The box contains the FeelReya stroker, and that's it! I like Kiiroo's eco-friendly, minimalistic approach, while not taking up any unnecessary amount of space.

Opening up the stroker I was surprised with the sleeve being bent inside 😳. But do not worry, remove the sleeve from the case, and after a while it gets back to normal without any damage ☺️. And if it would really have damage for some reason? I'm sure Kiiroo would take care of it for you.

FeelReya Orifice

Opening up the FeelReya, I was immediately struck by how amazing the orifice looks and feels. It's a very realistic design, with the typical soft but firm, inviting Kiiroo material.

The opening of the FeelReya orifice is pear-shaped, which makes for an exciting and unique experience once we dive in 🌟!

The FeelReya comes with Reya's very own signature on the side of the orifice! This is a very nice touch and makes the experience much more personal πŸ”₯.

This sparks an intriguing idea for Kiiroo! What about a personalized, limited edition stroker that includes a hand-signed card from a popular adult actress?

The combination of a high-quality, realistic stroker with a personal touch from a favorite adult actress would be irresistible πŸ₯°.

I wouldn't mind paying extra for that!

The orifice has more material coming out from the top, than at the bottom, which makes for a more natural feel. Rotating the FeelReya upside down will allow you to penetrate even deeper, and it feels as if switching positions in real sex 😎.

How It Feels

Like other Kiiroo strokers, the FeelReya does not feel sticky at all, even after a few uses. I really appreciate this – nobody likes their strokers to look or feel tacky.

The texture looks very intriguing and stimulating. It starts off with a wider entry while quickly becoming narrower and full of nubs, ridges and waves.

Realistic orifice spanking 🌟

We shouldn't only focus on the inside. Rubbing onto the orifice feels amazing since it looks and feels realistic with its very pronounced shape. You'll definitely want to try spanking that clitoris with your phallus. The lips bend just like the real thing.

Short shallow strokes here are hard to resist πŸ”₯

Entering the FeelReya takes more effort than I imagined looking at the orifice, however a challenge always keeps it fun! Once I slipped in, I could feel the obvious nubs at the entrance all around my head. A great start, and a great place to penetrate for some edging, some short shallow strokes here are hard to resist πŸ”₯.


The inner textures of the Kiiroo FeelReya

Going in deeper, it definitely gets narrower, and you have to push your way through a series of gentle waves followed by more aggressive nubs pointed right at you. While these nubs feel firm and give very strong stimulation, they don't feel that unnatural. The FeelReya is a very stimulating sleeve that still feels somewhat natural.

An explosive orgasm

Anything beyond this point felt stimulating, waves and nubs but smoother than the other parts. Trying out some deeper strokes, the stars of the show are definitely 1: the nubs at the entrance along with 2: the aggressive pointed nubs, making for an explosive orgasm and a happy ending.

Great suction πŸ‘

Going full-length strokes, it's amazing how well the suction works on the FeelReya despite its larger opening. The sleeve occasionally let out some strong suction sounds which felt nice but is something to consider if you want something discreet.


With every stroke, I could feel it getting tighter as I went in deeper πŸ‘Œ. While strokers can often feel too tight for me, the FeelReya still worked out well. There is some clear tightness, making it a challenge to push in deeper, but it didn't bother me – you'll just have to use a bit more lube with the FeelReya.

If you're well-endowed, you'll appreciate that larger opening on the FeelReya πŸ₯°. The FeelReya is well-balanced and offers fun whether you're looking for a tighter or looser fit.

Lubrication πŸ’§

The FeelReya has a strong texture, and this often requires more lubrication than a more plain texture. Keep that in mind, as the FeelReya will literally swallow your lube πŸ’§ and you'll have to re-lube a few times during your session.

FeelReya + PowerBlow, Keon?

Using the FeelReya with the Kiiroo Keon

Do note: The FeelReya is not compatible with the PowerBlow – it was designed before the PowerBlow was released, but that doesn't mean it isn't an amazing sleeve. I really enjoy it even without the PowerBlow.

On a good note, it does work with the Keon! Of course I had to try that out. Not sure what the Keon is yet? Check out my previous review as it is a must-know.

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I don't like the hassle of searching for videos and downloading scripts to sync to the Keon, so I used FeelMe AI / Video Watcher to sync any porn video from major porn sites to my Keon automatically. I didn't have to prepare anything, and it works with my favorite porn videos. While it doesn't sync perfectly, it's more than enough to keep me entertained and immersed into the porn videos 😎.

How the FeelReya feels with the Keon

Using it with the Keon, I immediately realized something! I've been mostly enjoying the FeelReya at slower speeds. Since it is very stimulating, it just felt right to enjoy it that way, enjoying every single nub, ridge and wave.

With the Keon syncing to my chosen video with FeelMe AI, it quickly jumped into a very rapid paced scene. With a strong textured sleeve, this makes it difficult to last long.

With this fast pace, strokes were actually very smooth – even with this stronger texture – so I let it do its thing and enjoyed the semi-natural feel. If it is too fast for you, you could always adjust the FeelMe AI settings to go a bit slower.

Manually, I'll still enjoy going a bit slower, but with the Keon I don't mind switching it up and going for some strongly stimulating action. It all depends on your mood!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Don't worry, those marks/wrinkles on the orifice when first received go away after a few uses!

Since the FeelReya is a TPE stroker, like most male masturbators, make sure to clean it well before and after every use.

Soap it up in warm water. Make sure you get all of that lube off, and dry it well before storing to avoid mold. The next morning the FeelReya was dry.

Should you get it?

If you're looking for:

  • A masturbator shaped to Reya Sunshine
  • A strongly textured masturbator
  • Compatible with the Keon
  • Intense, super enjoyable stimulation
  • A beautifully made, realistic orifice

Then the FeelReya will be a great option for you.

Who is it not for?

If you are:

  • Wanting longer sessions
  • Wanting a smoother texture
  • Want a completely silent experience (the suction can be a bit noisy)

Then the FeelReya isn't for you.

In terms of tightness, I feel this fits a wide range of sizes – including larger sizes, but if you are well above average, the FeelSensation might be a better fit.

If you're looking for the easiest cleanup, Tenga CUPs are still a master in this area. Flip it inside out, rinse, towel-dry both sides and you're ready to go.

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Looking for more extra-stimulating masturbators? Check out the Fleshlight Boost, its floating ring is very stimulating.

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The FeelReya Stroker comes in at 79USD/74EUR.

Luckily for SafeLust fans, you can get an extra discount by using discount code: SAFELUST at checkout!

If you're getting the FeelReya and you want to step up your game? Definitely consider grabbing a Keon along with FeelMe AI. Your hand will thank you.

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You could always pair it with a sex machine, if you want some extra powerful sessions.

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The FeelReya is a spectacular, semi-natural-feeling masturbator, realistically molded to Reya Sunshine. Its ranges of waves, nubs and ridges feel delicious and are sure to challenge you 😈.

Having such a positive experience with the FeelReya, possibly the best so far, I can't wait to try out more of Kiiroo's FeelStars. Protection Status