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Disclaimers for Safe Lust Readers

Honest reviews

I always focus on writing honest sex toy reviews, otherwise there would be no point to this blog. I promise you, and myself, that my sex toy reviews will always remain honest, no matter what.  Sometimes I get products sent to me for review. I only take on products that I explicitly agree with – and these get the same treatment as any other sex toy review. In case there are negative sides that you need to be aware of, I will definitely highlight these!

For affiliates or any collaborators – there is a disclaimer on honest sex toy reviews below as well. We don't guarantee any positive reviews.


Some of my reviews can contain products that have been given to me, or requested to be reviewed by affiliates or collaborations. However, I don't just accept about any toy ?. I only accept high-quality safe (as far as we know of course) sex toys.

Liability & Health Disclaimer

Safe Lust cannot be held liable in any case for any damage, or injury of any kind whatsoever as a result from using this website, or coming into contact with Safe Lust.

This is a sex toy review blog, but I am not a doctor. Anything you read/perform/other on this blog is at 100% your own risk.

Disclaimers for Affiliates, or any kind of collaborations with SafeLust.com


You must take my privacy seriously. Safe Lust is an anonymous blog. Any kind of information leakage, or publishing containing my identity, name, location, address, or any other personal information, may it be voluntary or involuntary, will force me to take legal action to the fullest extent of the law.

No positive review guarantee

Sending over sex toys for review, be it in any kind of collaboration, does not guarantee positive reviews.

Safe Lust is all about honest reviews, otherwise there would be no point to it. That means I will highlight any potential improvement point which can be negative, as well as the positive sides.

Safe Lust cannot be held liable for having written a negative review of a sex toy. We focus on honesty and recommending the right sex toys for the right people.

I reserve the right to publish negative reviews and inform my readers truthfully about your products.

Items sent without explicit agreement are gifts

Any items sent to me without prior explicit agreement will be considered as gifts. I may or may not publish a review for these.

Review Deadlines

Review deadlines must be communicated before agreeing to review the product. If no deadline was given, and an agreement is there for reviewing a particular item, Safe Lust is free to manage the review planning with no guarantees.

Delivery Issues

Safe Lust is in no way responsible in case the sex toy you sent me is defective, or lost during transport.

Either you send me another review unit, or the request to review the sex toy is no longer valid. No refund will be given.

Product Comparisons

My product reviews can contain product comparisons with products from any brand. This can be in a positive or negative way. Safe Lust cannot be held liable for providing honest sex toy reviews in this way. I reserve the right to make these product comparisons, in any kind of media, be it, images, videos, text or other.


Giveaways are a great way to increase your social media exposure as well as your brand awareness. Contact me and we can work out the details for setting up a giveaway. An explicit agreement with Safe Lust is required prior to organizing a giveaway.

For ease of delivery, and privacy, we prefer coupon code, or gift card giveaways.

Managing Reviews

Safe Lust reserves the right to update, or delete existing reviews at any time if:

  • the sex toy reviewed appears to have issues (legal, or reputation-wise)
  • the sex toy company appears to have issues (legal, or reputation-wise)
  • the sex toy is no longer distributed
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