Hismith Premium Sex Machine + Adapters Review & Full Guide

Hismith Premium Sex Machine + Adapters Review & Full Guide
The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is super powerful πŸ”₯
Need more power? You got it πŸ”₯.

I've been on the hunt for a solid sex machine recently, and the Hismith Premium Sex Machine ticked almost all the boxes. When Hismith agreed to send one in exchange for an honest review? I couldn't pass it up 🀩.

If you're on the hunt for a great sex machine, just like I am? Make sure to keep reading until the end, because the Hismith Premium Sex Machine is a powerhouse and it WILL please your needs 😎.

As excited as I am, staying objective during this review is essential. Let's dive in!

My Sex Machine Hunt Criteria

What makes for a perfect sex machine?

I had some precise requirements in mind when searching for a sex machine:

  1. Not too noisy – don't wake up the neighbors 🀫
  2. Smart, app-controlled πŸ“²
  3. Dynamic stroke length: with a mix of short and long strokes that feel more natural πŸ“
  4. Easy to setup and use, with customization options
  5. Not move around too much and be safe for use πŸ’ƒ

It turns out the most difficult one to achieve is #3! You won't find many powerful sex machines that have a dynamic stroke length. This is where the Keon shines through. While not as powerful as a big sex machine, it does have dynamic stroke length.

However, Hismith has thought about this, and they came up with the Hismith Servok, which contains an additional motor for dynamic stroke length on the go 😎.

If you don't mind that, you're in for a surprise because the Hismith Premium Sex Machine excels at all the other points! In the end, not having the dynamic stroke length did not bother me at all. The Hismith Premium Sex Machine still blew me away πŸ”₯.


The Hismith Premium Sex machine came in a discreet gray box, leaving your postal carrier to guess what it could be: gym equipment, kitchen pots, or other? In the end, isn't a sex machine a sort of gym equipment 😏?

Even if the box were broken during shipping, you wouldn't have to worry as it contains a discreet black storage bag that nobody could guess what's inside. Your sex machine fantasy will be your own little secret 🀫 .

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine comes in a range of colors: black, pink, gold, purple, red, and blue. My personal favorite is the gold edition, which looks super fancy, but I will be reviewing the black version.

There's a lot of goodies to unpack with the Premium Sex Machine:

  • The sex machine body
  • The sex machine legs
  • A hex wrench to setup the sex machine legs
  • A power adapter
  • A wired speed controller
  • A remote control
  • A standard realistic Hismith KlicLok dildo
  • An elastic cover for the sex machine
The back / rear of the Hismith sex machine

The back of the Hismith sex machine looks clean – if you do a better job than me with setting the cables nicely 🀭. The back contains a round motor, I'm guessing, a rotational motor that gets translated to a thrusting motion.

The rear side also contains a small "H" logo LED that lights up blue when it is plugged in, a nice added touch.


Now that we've gotten our sex machine, it's time to set it up! The setup was fast and took around 15-20 minutes. The difficulty is not installing it but knowing how to set it up. Once you know how to set it up, the next time you (dis)assemble it, it won't take more than 5 minutes.

How does it work? Attach the rubber caps to the steel legs, and add the steel junction to the legs to make a "T" shape. A picture will be easier to understand:

Finally you'll want to plug in the two cables: one for the power adapter, one for the control box. Look at the orientation of the control box cable!

The 2 cables you have to plug into your Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Do note even if you are using Bluetooth/app-control/remote control, you will still have to plug in the control box cable. The control box is responsible for Bluetooth/remote control communication. This is a good thing because if you ever have remote control issues, swapping the control box would be enough, and your Hismith sex machine itself wouldn't need any repairs.

It's a smart, well-thought-through modular design made by Hismith πŸ‘Œ.


You wanted a sex machine? Well, Hismith gives you a REAL serious sex machine! It's a powerhouse, and it won't stop unless you turn it off.

At full speed, you'll get around 250 strokes per minute, 4.15 strokes per second. At this speed, the dildo attachment is almost flying off like a rocket πŸš€:


Gradually increasing speed on the Hismith Sex Machine: the dildo is flying away

With this amount of power, taking it slow and being safe is essential. You don't want to suddenly turn it on at full power; instead, go gradually.

Thanks to its heavy weight, the machine didn't move around too much. Only at full speed is some movement noticeable when the toy is not inserted.

This is all the difference with for example, a Keon where power is more limited, although it still gets the job done if you're not ready yet for a serious sex machine.

In terms of power and stability? Hismith nailed it. πŸ’―

Hismith Sex Positions

The sex machine legs can be re-positioned to be used in different sex positions.

For example, facing down or facing up. It is straightforward to angle the sex machine by unlocking the clip at the back and moving the leg.

The Hismith can also be used in standing position

You can also use it while standing up. However, this will require you to unscrew the legs and rearrange the steel bars to have a strong foundation for it to stand up.

In practice I preferred the downwards/upwards/doggy poses more than the standing pose since the machine's height was still too low when using standing.

That means you'll have to crouch slightly while using it, depending on your height, and while that's a good sports workout, it's not what I expect from a sex machine.

Sex Machine Stroke Length

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine has a stroke length of 3cm/1.18" to 15cm/5.9". That's a large enough range to suit most, if not all users.

Changing the stroke length is very easy, turn off the switch, and unscrew the large knob on the left, drag the bar into the desired length position and screw it back in. It takes around 10 seconds to do so.

Hismith Shortest Stroke Length Video


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine on the shortest stroke length setting

On the shortest stroke length, the Hismith is the most stable and won't move around even at very high speeds.

Hismith Longest Stroke Length Video


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine in action with the longest stroke length

On the longest stroke length, the Hismith gets less stable and does start to move around, although this only happens at very high speeds.

Remote Controls

Left: manual wired Hismith remote control, right: wireless Hismith remote control

There are 3 ways to control the Hismith Premium Sex Machine:

1: Included remote control: wired

Great for precise manual control, can be seen on the left of the above image. It has a sturdy speed control knob πŸŽ›οΈ and an on/off button for safety.

2: Wireless remote control: takes one AAA battery

The bottom button enables you to access various automatic patterns. The up-down buttons work in increments of 5 to the speed. I tend to use this remote so I'm not bothered with the wire, it works great. It can be seen on the right side of the above image.

3: Via mobile app

The interface of the Hismith Mobile App

Great when you want some advanced features, custom patterns, sharing the controls with a stranger/partner online and so on.


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine can be used with a lot of different adapters. Let's go through all the possibilities and see how well they perform 😎.

KlicLok system

The Hismith Sex Machine uses the KlicLok system to attach dildos and others. I'm surprised by how well it works! Pull the ring on the sex machine, and push in a hex-like adapter. It has a springy action and will click into place.

Thanks to the hex-like adapter, the toys won't rotate during use.

Want to switch it up? Pull the ring again on the sex machine, and your attachment will jump off πŸ˜†. It's very fast and convenient to switch dildos/adapters during a session 🌟.

Included Kliclok Realistic Dildo Attachment

The realistic Kliclok dildo provided is.. large! At least for me πŸ˜†. If you're going to use it anally, you'll need to warm up first. Here's what it looks like in action:


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine in action with the Realistic Silicone Dildo

Hismith included realistic dildo size:

Total length: 21cm / 8.26"
Insertable length: 15.5cm / 6.1"
Max diameter: 4cm / 1.57"

Apart from the larger size, the material feels good. It's made of silicone, which feels slightly sticky and is a dust-magnet 🧲. It is very soft, and for use with a sex machine? A softer dildo is great to start with to avoid poking you in the wrong way.

Overall, it's a good realistic dildo to get started with, but don't forget the warm-up! I would have preferred a smaller-sized dildo to get started.

Hismith App

This specific sex machine can also be app-controlled. It took me a bit to figure out how that works.

You'll need to have your wired controller plugged into the machine, which will be responsible for the Bluetooth connection πŸ“Ά. Once that's plugged in, getting through the app and connecting via Bluetooth is straightforward by following the steps.

App Features

The Hismith Mobile App

In the app you'll be able to create patterns, and use patterns created by others on the community market. You can also use it as a remote to control your play, or move the sex machine using your microphone, or by shaking your phone around – which works surprisingly well, and is very fun🌟.

Creating your own patterns is straightforward. Using community patterns not so much. Some of the patterns suddenly jump from level 5 speed to level 100 speed, which can be painful πŸ˜“. Make sure to browse through a pattern fully before using it to avoid this.

@Hismith I highly recommend adding a "max speed" feature when using community patterns to avoid strong unexpected surprises.

However, once you do find a great community pattern, it is heaven πŸ₯°, along with the excitement of the unknown as you don't know how the pattern will change, you let a random stranger's pattern control your sensations πŸ”₯.

Next to patterns, you can also send a share link to a friend or stranger online to let them control your sex machine in real-time, for that extra naughtiness, and perfect for long distance relationships. There's also a group play feature.

All in all it's a good app, relatively easy to use with the expected features, but I wish something could be done to set a "max" speed when using community patterns so it never exceeds my own safe limits.

Bonus attachments

While getting this sex machine just before Black Friday, I saw fantastic deals on extra attachments that I wanted to try out and review for Safe Lust. Below are some must-have attachments that I purchased myself.

KlicLok Suction Cup Adapter

I've got such a massive collection of sex toys; it would be a pity not to use them with the Hismith Premium Sex Machine... The suction cup adapter solves this πŸ₯°! It allows me to use my current suction cup dildos/plugs with the sex machine, so instead of having only 1 realistic dildo, I now have 50+ dildos I could use with the sex machine.

The Strap-On-Me Hybrid dildo plug on the Hismith Premium Sex Machine KlicLok Suction Cup Adapter

While not as stable as a KlicLok dildo, once well-suctioned, most of my toys were definitely usable and very enjoyable with the sex machine. I especially enjoyed using the Strap-On-Me dildo plug balls with it.

Once the dildo is suctioned, it will stay on there. For some dildos, the initial suction was not working, so you'll have to know from experience which ones work best with the sex machine. It's still a 100% recommended accessory if you have a nice suction cup dildo collection.


The suction cup attachment in action on the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, low speeds

The suction cup adapter comes in different sizes. I recommend going for a large size so that it fits a wide range of your dildos. The one in my review photos is the large size suction cup adapter.

KlicLok Fleshlight / FeelStroker Adapter

Yes, even for male masturbators, a Hismith sex machine can be an excellent choice! While not as dynamic or interactive as a Keon, the Hismith sex machine gives for a different, powerful experience.


Using the Hismith Premium Sex Machine with the Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

Note, the Keon can in theory reach 230 strokes per minute, and the Hismith Premium Sex machine can reach up to 250 strokes per minute. It doesn't seem like a big difference, but in practice, the sex machine feels more powerful and allows for a true hands-free experience. It must also be due to the stronger build quality of the Hismith – steel materials.


Using a Kiiroo Stroker: FeelReya with the Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Movement Freedom 😌

Compared to the Keon, they're both amazing, but with the Hismith there is no 'ring'/plastic around the masturbator holding it in place, allowing you to move more freely 🌟 and pump into it as desired. The Hismith remote control also allows for more fine-grained speed control which I liked.

In terms of positioning, with the Keon you have to rely on your hands to hold it, or use a table clamp, while the Hismith can be positioned in many ways and stand there by itself. This feels more sturdy.

Stroke Length πŸ“

Another important difference is the stroke length πŸ“: with the Hismith there is a larger range of stroke lengths, but they have to be set before turning it on. The Keon can dynamically change the stroke length during use.

After finding a good stroke length, it didn't bother me too much that it wasn't dynamic on the Hismith though! If it does bother you, you could always check out the Hismith Servok but it comes at a much higher price tag.

Video Syncing ⏯️

The Keon does win in terms of syncing the movement to a video – with FeelMe AI you can sync your Keon to almost any online video ⏯️.

Masturbator Adapter Summary πŸ₯‡

All in all, if you have a Hismith Premium Sex Machine and not yet a Keon? Then the extra money is definitely worth it. If you already have both? Then it's still a nice add-on that provides slightly different feelings from the Keon, although possibly not a must-have depending on what you're looking for. It does make for a truly hands-free experience πŸ”₯.

Considering the price difference it is amazing how the Keon is able to still be a good rival for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, but in terms of total functionality (attachments) and power, the Hismith wins πŸ₯‡. In terms of synchronization, the Keon with FeelMe AI wins πŸ₯‡.

@Hismith it would be amazing to see video sync capabilities to the Hismith Premium Sex Machine 🌟.

KlicLok Spring Attachment

This attachment feels random, and at first I wasn't even sure why I would need it, but think about it – it makes sense!

You're lying down on the bed, and the angle of the sex machine isn't 100% perfect, you can't slightly move the dildo, your body must follow 100% the angle of the sex machine, otherwise it will poke you in a wrong way.


The HiSmith Spring attachment gives more reach and flexibility which ends up more natural-feeling! πŸ₯°

With a spring in-between, it gives you some slack and room for you to move it in a different way without having to adapt your sex machine. It also allows the dildo to follow your body shape in a more natural way. It just feels much more comfortable and is much more forgiving 😌.

With challenging textured dildos, this is great fun, as it feels like there is a more natural delay in the pushing through a bead and it getting in – your body's natural resistance isn't being forced by a metal bar. Instead, the softer spring keeps things going in and out at a more natural pace.

KlicLok Blue Semi-Realistic Dildo

A slightly smaller, semi-realistic dildo in blue color! The color attracted me to purchase this dildo πŸ˜†.

Trying it, I had a good experience. It has some very subtle ridges which are not super obvious during penetration but still feel nice when focusing on it. It feels like a very smooth dildo with a slightly more obvious head shape.


The Hismith blue dildo in action on medium speed, medium stroke length

Positioning the head shape towards your belly makes for better prostate stimulation and a more intense feeling of the ridges.

Hismith semi-realistic blue dildo size:

Total length: 18cm / 7.08"
Insertable length: 16.5cm / 6.5"
Max diameter: 3.85cm / 1.5"

Is it a must-get? If you're into the smoothest dildos that are easy to go high-speed and hardcore with, Sure. Personally, I prefer a bit more texture to keep things fun, but overall, it's a great smooth dildo and since it's a KlicLok dildo I'll very likely use it again.

KlicLok Textured Dildo

The texture on this one looks like fire πŸ”₯, and I knew it was a must-get right away πŸš€. Trying it out, the feeling was different from what I expected.

First of all, the textured dildo is still of considerable size, and some warm-up is required. Pushing it in, it's more of a series of very obvious popping feelings as you go through it. I also liked the tapered tip of this dildo. This seems like a great way to train for gaping.


The textured Hismith dildo in action with the Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Combined with the sex machine, though? A-m-a-z-i-n-g πŸ”₯. I recommend using it alongside the spring attachment for a more natural feel. The popping feeling feels different as you speed up. The faster you go, the smoother the penetration - while still having clear popping sensations.

Hismith textured dildo size:

Total length: 17.5cm / 6.89"
Insertable length: 16cm / 6.29"
Max diameter: 4.05cm / 1.59"

Of all the Hismith dildos tested in this review, this is 100% my favorite πŸ₯°, and I truly recommend it if you're searching for some challenging, textured fun 🌟.

Noise Levels

How quiet is the Hismith Premium Sex Machine? Here's my measurements, with the sound meter one hand length away from the sex machine.

Hismith Speed Level -> Noise Level
0% -> 36dB (ambient sound)
25% -> 50dB
50% -> 56dB
75% -> 60dB
100% -> 65dB

Considering a lot of the butt plugs and automatic masturbators I tested have higher noise levels, this is an amazing feat of Hismith! It truly is a very quiet sex machine.

To give some context: the Lovense Max 2 measured between 60dB to 70dB. The Keon measured between 50dB to 75dB. You can find all my sex toy noise levels for comparison at the below link.

Safe Lust Sex Toys Noise Levels Comparison
Ever bought a sex toy to be disappointed because it is crazy loud ?? Safe Lust introduces a standard, unbiased method to compare sex toy noise.

Does that mean you can use it when you have a roommate? It is very quiet, but they would still be able to hear it. If you use it on lower levels, you should be able to get away with using it from the next room 🀫. Mix it in with some music and it'll be easier to be discreet.

My partner didn't realize I was using it when she was 2 rooms away πŸ˜† – and that's without music covering it!

Cleaning & Maintenance

There's no real cleaning to be done on the sex machine itself as you'll only be in contact with the actual adapters: dildos, strokers and so on.

With that being said, you do need to be careful of a few things:

  • Avoid your machine from getting dusty using the provided cover or putting it back into its storage case
  • The sex machine is NOT waterproof! Do not get it wet. πŸ’§
  • The sliding rail needs to be oiled using "wheel bearing grease". Hismith suggests using Mobil Polyrex EM every 3 months – also sold over at Hismith. It's important to oil your sex machine.

Unfortunately, there is no clear guide on how to oil the machine, and not being an expert, it's not clear how to oil the sliding rail or if any parts need to be unscrewed to do so.

@Hismith: Having a quick video or blog guide with photos that explains which parts to grease and how to reach them would be amazing.


Don't ignore the safety warning, never touch moving parts.

This is a serious, powerful sex machine and being safe is important. Never go above your limits, and never touch any of the moving parts – except the dildo of course πŸ˜….

The machine has some mechanical parts that move on the outside, so you'll want to be careful not to touch these. As long as you're being careful and follow the safety guide, you will be fine.

I still would have preferred having some kind of grill around the moving part, so I couldn't accidentally touch it, but that would have made the machine much more bulky – so I understand Hismith's design decision. If this is still a must for you, check out the Hismith Servok which does have a cover around the moving parts.

Should you get it? Who is this for?

The Hismith Sex Machine is a great step into the world of sex machines, and for most, it will be more than enough for many years to come.

It's a solid, powerful, and most of all serious sex machine.

This is not a sex machine that you just buy on a whiff; it's a serious machine, and it requires a fair investment. It will take up a good amount of space, and it is not "super-quiet". It's fairly quiet, but at medium speed, you will hear it from the next room.

If you're ready for a real, serious sex machine? Something that is ready to pound you powerfully on demand? The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is an excellent option while being fairly priced for what you get.

If you have any hand-strength-related issues, a sex machine can be a great solution to that as well.

Who is it not for?

If you're looking for a discreet toy, easy to hide, super-quiet? Then most serious sex machines won't work for you.

A Keon is a more portable, although less powerful option to work with. It's easier to store, and on high speeds, quieter than a serious sex machine.

Kiiroo Keon Interactive Masturbator & Sex Machine Review
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Is a dynamic stroke length a must for you? I have to say, while it was part of my original criteria, I wasn't really longing for it during my sessions. With an average stroke length setup, it felt amazing enough.

If you do still want to go for that step up? Definitely check out the Hismith Servok, but be ready to pay considerably more for this feature.

If you're only looking for an automatic masturbator? Check out the above Keon or the Lovense Max 2 which works with contractions instead of strokes:

Lovense Max 2 Contracting Masturbator Review
A male masturbator with contractions. Sex is more than only in-and-out, and Lovense got that right with their highly interactive Lovense Max 2.


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine with app-control is available for around 499USD / 520EUR. Considering all the possible features and high build quality, it is a fair price.

Use code SAFELUST at checkout for a 10% discount at Hismith + get a FREE accessory!

Thank you Hismith for providing this special discount code for Safe Lust fans πŸ₯°!

From my research, I strongly believe it is the best sex machine you can get within this price range at this time.


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is a 100% recommendation 🌟, great for slow sensual pleasure or hardcore fun ❀️. There are not many competitors at this price range with a solid, stable sex machine AND with such good build quality. Investing in a good sex machine is a sure way to enhance your masturbation sessions πŸ”₯.

I am very impressed by its ability to use many different attachments, its low noise levels and the amount of pleasure to be had from it πŸ₯°.


I recommend getting the app-controlled version so that you can create your own patterns and use community patterns, it would be a pity having such a good sex machine but not being able to create your own patterns to enjoy it hands-free πŸ™Œ.

Next, don't forget to pick up some attachments: a spring attachment, suction cup attachment and masturbator attachment along with some KlicLok dildos.

It's very quiet for a sex machine, but it is still a sex machine and on higher speeds, the people in the next room will hear it. On lower speeds, drowned with music? You should be able to get away with it 😏.

If you can afford it and have the space and privacy? Don't think twice, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine will be amazing 🌟. If you're a pro and wish to step things up with dynamic stroke length? Check out either the Hismith Servok or Lovense Sex Machine.

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