Safe Lust Sex Toys Noise Levels Comparison

Safe Lust Sex Toys Noise Levels Comparison

Ever bought a sex toy to be disappointed because it is crazy loud 😳? Ever wish you could compare the sex toys noise levels using a standard, unbiased method? Thanks to Safe Lust, the wild sex toy noise level situation is improving one sex toy at a time 😎!

Is that sex toy really discreet?

Everybody's feeling for "this is really loud / this is super quiet" is different! We should have an objective method to measure the sex toy noise levels – and this is something I could not find anywhere online, so I decided to get started.

As I review all the sex toys, I've measured the noise level of all of these in the exact same way described below 📐. I've kept track of them in a handy table. Is that butt plug that was marketed as great for public play, actually discreet? There can be large inconsistencies between advertising and reality.

This is a live document, which I will keep on updating as I get more sex toys 🌟. The purpose is to end up with a gigantic table, the more data, the easier you'll be able to compare sex toys and find the most discreet one. Protection Status