Tenga 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

Tenga 3D Spiral Masturbator Review
The Tenga 3D Spiral masturbator/sculpture in its opened display/storage case
An intense spiraling "tornado" masturbator? You asked for it.

The Tenga 3D Spiral is the final toy to review from the 3 toys Tenga has sent me in exchange for an honest review. It's a toy you can easily flip inside out, which comes with many advantages. It is spiral-shaped, but I like to call it the Tornado πŸ”₯. Let's jump into the details!

The Tenga Spinner (beads), Tenga 3D Series (spiral), and Tenga bobble (Crazy Cubes) from left to right.

Curious how the Tenga Spinner and Tenga Bobble worked out? They were both great, and you can find all my Tenga sex toy reviews below.

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While the Tenga Spinner and Tenga Bobble both have a beautiful, sleek packaging – the Tenga 3D Series takes it one step further. Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the masturbator is displayed in a transparent plastic, just like an art sculpture. No wonder Tenga calls it "Sculpted Ecstacy", the storage case is more of a display stand, which you can use to proudly display it πŸ‘.

Tenga 3D: A Sculpted Piece of Usable Art

Tear the tape at the base, and a sachet of Tenga Hole Real lubricant will pop out. Carefully wriggle the Tenga 3D out of its case. It helps to spread it while wriggling as it is tightly suctioned on the base. Don't use sharp nails on the texture.

What's included with the Tenga 3D Spiral?

You'll get:

  • The Tenga 3D Spiral masturbator sleeve itself
  • A sachet of Tenga Hole – Real lubricant
  • An instruction booklet
  • A plastic display/storage/drying case

Shape and Size

The size of the Tenga 3D series is very similar to the Tenga Spinner and Tenga Bobble, with one difference being that the storage case is slightly larger on the Tenga 3D Series.

The Tenga 3D Spiral next to the Tenga Spinner Beads

Compared to a standard masturbator such as the Fleshlight, the Tenga 3D series masturbator doesn't take up much space! That means it's easy to store even if you collect the entire Tenga 3D Series, which is very tempting 😁.

The Tenga 3D Spiral compared to the standard-sized Fleshlight Boost

A smaller sized masturbator doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't fit larger girths. For example, the Tenga Bobble has no issues whatsoever handling larger girths 🌟. The Tenga 3D spiral feels tighter for larger girths, more on that later.

How it feels

Playing around with the Tenga 3D Spiral, I've noticed there are at least two ways it could be used, inside-out and not inside-out.

The instructions for the Tenga 3D Spiral

Before use, you're supposed to flip it inside out, so the texture is on the inside. The Tenga 3D Spiral looks like the following when flipped:

The Tenga 3D Spiral Flipped Inside-Out

However, you could just as well use it when it's not flipped inside-out. That provides a smoother texture to play with. Most of the stimulation will be from the entrance. It's fun to experiment with, although I still prefer the actual spiral texture to be on the inside πŸ˜‰.

To get started, you'll need to lubricate the entrance and the inside. Pro-tip: you can squeeze it to spread the lubricant inside. This toy doesn't need much lubricant to get started. After a few tries, I was able to enter the toy and push in.

At first, the suction was too strong and an air bubble was inside the toy making it hard to push forward. After a few tries getting in and out, I was able to master the right method. Before entering, you can try squeezing the air out first. The spirals help alleviate the strong suction when used at the right angle, in turn making it easy to penetrate.

The spiral texture as seen from the opening of the Tenga 3D Spiral

Once inside I could immediately notice the spiral structure. Many masturbators don't have an obvious texture when in use – holy smokes, that's not the case with the Tenga 3D Spiral 🫒. Every single ridge is very obvious, and very strong πŸ”₯!

What does that mean during use? Very intense, almost aggressive stimulation which feels amazing. However, the faster you go at it, the higher the chance it becomes over-stimulating and could cause chafing.

I actually had some redness after use – which might be due to both the intense structure and the tightness. If you have a larger girth, you will likely experience the same. With that said, I still enjoyed it and I would buy it again, although a slightly larger version would be very welcome. I believe some of the other Tenga 3D masturbators could solve that problem.

Finally, I was surprised that the Tenga 3D Spiral isn't that noisy during use, it's a toy you really could use in a discreet way. Not only is it discreet during use, but also in cleaning! More on that later.

Material and Texture

The top of the Tenga 3D Spiral

The Tenga 3D Spiral is made from TPE as most male masturbators are. It's a material that's generally considered safe for male masturbators. It is a porous material, meaning you'll have to make extra sure to clean it and dry it well.

The material of the 3D Spiral is slightly more firm than for example the Tenga Spinner or Tenga Bobble. That means it is more sturdy, and the texture is much more obvious during use. The material feels good – it feels strong enough to re-use many times, and doesn't feel sticky.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Tenga 3D Spiral comes with a drying stand

The Tenga 3D Spiral comes with a drying stand, which is almost not necessary. Cleaning and drying the 3D Spiral is super easy.

First off, use some soap, and get it all around and inside the toy. Rinse it off with warm water. Next towel dry the outside, flip it inside-out and towel-dry the outside again. That way, both the inside and outside are quickly dry.

The Tenga 3D Spiral drying on the drying stand

I usually let it hang on the drying stand just in case it still has some moisture inside, although it feels super dry when cleaned this way. To dry it on the stand, hang it slightly higher, as shown on my picture.

While it has a firm material, still handle it with care ⚠️, you wouldn't want your fingernails poking into it while turning it inside-out, as that can leave some marks.


Is the Tenga 3D Spiral re-usable?

Yes! Tenga sells both disposable and re-usable sex toys. The 3D Spiral is part of the re-usables. You can find all their re-usables on the official Tenga website.

I'll add more questions/answers here as they pop up! Leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Should you get it?

If you're looking for:

  • A piece of art that doesn't take too much space
  • An easy to clean and dry masturbator
  • A discreet masturbator
  • A masturbator with a very strong, intense and obvious texture during use

Then the Tenga 3D Spiral is for you 🌟.

Since it can be turned inside-out, this can very easily become a favorite daily driver and rival more traditional masturbators. The 3D series get extra points for clean-up 🫧!

You can get it from the official Tenga shop for Β 39USD / 40EUR for a re-usable masturbator, which is a reasonable price for a re-usable masturbator.

Who is it not for?

  • If you have a larger girth, this toy can still be enjoyed, although it could cause some chafing
  • If you are looking for a realistic masturbator
  • If you are not into strong, intense stimulation
  • If you are looking for an automatic masturbator, in that case, the Kiiroo Keon would be my go-to recommendation

Looking at the other masturbators in the Tenga 3D Series, there is a large chance, others will feel less tight, or chafing for larger girths. That could be a good similar alternative.


The Tenga Spinner is a similar-sized masturbator which spins by itself during use. It is relatively easy to dry, and is a better fit for larger girths.

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Next, the Tenga Bobble offers unique sensations, forcing you to bend your way through its crazy cubes.

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Finally, if you're looking for realistic toys, Fleshlight excels at this with their Fleshlight Girls / Fleshjack collection – made from real intimate parts molds of your favorite adult actresses / actors.

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The Tenga 3D Spiral resting in its stand

The Tenga 3D Spiral is a solid, reliable, no-mess masturbator. It is so easy to clean that it is easy to become everybody's favorite 🎊.

This could very well become your daily driver thanks to its incredibly easy cleanup, and fun textures. Although it is on the tighter side, it's completely worth it and I'd buy it again without a doubt. Final score: a solid 8.5/10.

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