Must-See Discounts Black-Friday / Cyber-Monday 2023

Must-See Discounts Black-Friday / Cyber-Monday 2023
It was a crazy Black Friday, but it's not over yet – check out these Cyber Monday discounts!
Hot discounts πŸ”₯ and exciting news 🌟? Let's go.

Today's post format is different! There's a few announcements and at the same time, there's crazy Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals going on!

Let's see which sales are worth it. Granted, Black Friday is over, but many companies are still having Cyber Monday and prolonged discounts! Some of these deals are expiring very soon, so don't wait too long.

There's still a few days left on the Safe Lust November giveaway – check it out if you haven't yet 😎.

November Giveaway: $50 Tenga/Kiiroo Gift Card
The November giveaway, win a $50 Tenga or Kiiroo gift voucher! Experience the crazy Kiiroo Black Friday sales and take your chance.

The November giveaway is waiting for yet another lucky winner

Hismith Sex Machines Discount

First off, very exciting news 🀩!! Hismith sent over a sex machine for review, and agreed to make a discount code for Safe Lust readers!

Use code SAFELUST for 10% off and a free accessory πŸ”₯. They currently also have Cyber Monday deals going on – so do check which one can save you more money ☺️.

Sex Machines Throwback

As you know, I love to review sex machines. Here's a re-cap of dildo and masturbator sex machines I've reviewed this year:

Kiiroo Keon Interactive Masturbator & Sex Machine Review
A masturbator and a sex machine? Can it really be that good? 😳 Join me in my adventure of unpacking and testing the Kiiroo Keon! You might already know the Kiiroo Keon as being an interactive masturbator. Kiiroo has recently released an extra attachment, making this not only an interactive mastur…

My favorite automatic masturbator so far, doubles as a full-blown sex machine!

Kiiroo PowerBlow Blowjob Stimulator Review 🫦
Blowjobs on demand? Yes! Explore the PowerBlow: Keon Compatibility, Noise, Suction Power, App Control, FeelMe AI, and more - Full Review πŸ”₯

Automatic blowjobs, add the PowerBlow to your FeelStrokers

Lovense Max 2 Contracting Masturbator Review
A male masturbator with contractions. Sex is more than only in-and-out, and Lovense got that right with their highly interactive Lovense Max 2.

A contracting masturbator meant to replicate natural muscle contractions

Lots of goodies, indeed! For automatic masturbators, my favorite is still the Keon – on sale during Cyber Monday. It works with Fleshlights and FeelStrokers so that gives you a lot of different sleeves to have fun with πŸ₯°.

The Hismith sex machine can also be used with masturbators, so keep an eye out for my upcoming review πŸ˜‰!

Kiiroo Crazy Discounts

Kiiroo's Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts are amazing

Kiiroo truly deserves the crazy discounts title this year. I never would have expected their strokers to be up for more than -50% off discounts πŸ”₯.

Yes this post contains affiliate links, but I wouldn't post these unless I wouldn't think these are truly good deals. The Kiiroo discounts particularly caught my attention this year – definitely worth checking out!

In some cases you can get some additional discount with code SAFELUST during checkout 😊.

FeelStar strokers with some around 35USD/32EUR each? That's a steal. I have to hold myself back from buying too many at that price 🫒.

For that price, you usually can't get a quality masturbator which is modelled to an adult star.

Tenga Discounts

Not only is Kiiroo having amazing discounts, Tenga is up for the challenge as well!

They're having discounts up to 40% off, including re-usables and their very popular, very well-reputed Flip series! Keep an eye out as I'll be reviewing the Flip series in the coming weeks 🀟.

Lovense Discounts

Lovense is having some extra discounts for Cyber Monday, while not as much as Tenga and Kiiroo, the price of some of their products is still lower than usual, so it is worth checking out if you're going to buy a Lovense toy anyway.

While they have great product, do take the discount percentage with a grain of salt here.

Lovense toys are great for long-distance relationships, or just if you'd like to have a very strong interactive toy. I reviewed both the Lovense Max 2 masturbator and the Lovense Hush. While not that quiet, they are both very solid sex toys that I really enjoy and can recommend. If a super quiet toy is your requirement, possibly the Lumen could work for you.

Lovense Max 2 Contracting Masturbator Review
A male masturbator with contractions. Sex is more than only in-and-out, and Lovense got that right with their highly interactive Lovense Max 2.
Lovense Hush 1.5β€³ Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug Review
Reviewing the popular Lovense Hush 1.5β€³ remote controlled Bluetooth butt plug. It features one of the best mobile apps to control the butt plug.

Other discounts

If you look around you'll definitely find more discounts, but these are the ones that you really should know about and at least take a look at πŸ˜‰.

Enjoy the discounts while they last, and I wish you can grab tons of goodies! 🌟

Note: discounts and prices mentioned only valid during the special sales. Protection Status