Tenga Cool Edition Vacuum CUP Masturbator Review

Tenga Cool Edition Vacuum CUP Masturbator Review
The refreshing Tenga Cool Original CUP ❄️

I've reviewed lots of Tenga CUPs – Tenga's range of disposable Vacuum CUPs. This time I will test and review the Tenga CUP Cool edition. While having the usual amazing Tenga CUP texture, it comes pre-lubricated with a cooling lubricant. This makes for a nice, refreshing effect thanks to the added menthol.

Are you new to masturbators, or new to cooling effect masturbators in general? Β Tenga CUPs are perfect for trying out new sensations without breaking the bank. With the added bonus, if you do end up enjoying them, you know you'll want to explore more Tenga toys, possibly their re-usable ones.

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Tenga has been kind enough to provide the cool CUP in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links in this review help support me with running costs, I am truly grateful for your support πŸ₯°.


The original Cool CUP comes in a nice blue packaging, beautiful and sleek as usual from Tenga 😎.

To open it up, make sure you remove the sticker at the top, otherwise you won' t be able to penetrate it due to its strong suction.

How It Feels

The opening of the Tenga Original Cool CUP

Opening up the Cool CUP, I didn't know what to expect. I haven't really dabbled with cooling/heating lubricants so far, so I was in for a surprise 🌟.

Looking at the product description however I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of textures. In any case, you can read my review to learn all you need to know about the Cool CUP πŸ˜‰.

@Tenga I would have liked seeing some more details explained on the product page. It would be great to explain the key difference and which texture is included.

Please consider adding images of the actual cool CUP instead of re-using the standard CUP images.

As I inserted into the Cool CUP, the lubricant itself already felt cool to the touch, although it could have been because it was stored in a cooler room πŸ˜…. A few seconds in, I could feel the menthol in the lubricant doing its job. The best way to describe it is, sudden very strong tingling, cold sensations which are spreading around.

Instant orgasm?

Is the ice cool sensation going to make you orgasm instantly? No, let's be clear. It's a way to increase sensations with the already amazing Tenga CUPs. Because, who doesn't like trying new sensations 🀟? While it won't bring you to orgasm alone, it's fun to switch things up – and during a hot summer? That would feel amazing πŸ₯°.

The ice cold sensations were the strongest a few seconds after insertion ❄️. A few minutes in the cooling sensations weren't as obvious as in the beginning, but hey, they were still very much there, reminding me of the menthol as I was using it.

During and after cleanup, the menthol must have touched surrounding skin and the ice cool sensation were starting off strong again! The sensations are more of a come and go.

Texture & Menthol

Does the original cool CUP have the same texture as the Tenga Original Standard CUP or not? The answer is yes! It's the same amazing inner texture as the original standard CUP! But in practice, it will feel different πŸ’‘.

Why different πŸ€”? The menthol and cooling lubricant switch things up. The cool CUP felt much tighter than the original standard CUP, and that's because menthol stimulates blood flow and heightens sensitivity (source). Increased blood flow means a stronger erection, and a tighter feeling.

The menthol felt slightly numbing at first, but a few seconds in that went away. All this combined makes the texture feel different from the original standard CUP.

While the texture is the same, with the menthol this CUP felt much tighter than the standard CUP. I was still able to enjoy it, but it was really on the limits of being too tight for me, it was squeezing me strongly as I thrusted deeper. If you're girthy, your best bet will still be the standard or gentle CUPs instead.

If you are looking for a tighter masturbator? The menthol definitely helps, or check out the Tenga XTR CUPs for intense, tight stimulation.

Inner Texture Video

The inner texture of the Tenga Original Cool CUP
Nice and rough nubs πŸ”₯

I describe the texture fully in my original standard CUP review, but to give you an idea: inserting into the Cool CUP I was met with very nice rough nubs near the beginning, which provide a ton of strong stimulation πŸ”₯. From this point on it feels tighter – a wavy structure that you have to push your way through and feels more natural. At the end you meet some bigger nubs.

I usually really enjoy the deep part of the CUPs, but in this case I did not have much feeling near the deep end since it was too tight for me.

The best feelings

It is super enjoyable to stroke with the head around the first chamber with the rough nubs at an angle. Add some full-length strokes at a good rapid pace? That's the bomb πŸ”₯.

Vacuum Suction

Oh yes, vacuum suction. Well, it is there, and it works by covering up the suction hole with your finger. Strangely the suction was not as strong with the cool CUP compared to the standard CUPs. With the standard CUPs, once I put my finger on the suction hole, I could barely move. With the Cool CUP I could easily keep on moving, the suction didn't stop me.

Since they're the same texture, I can't explain it apart from the tightness having an effect on the suction πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the suction πŸ₯°, but it felt better on the original standard CUP.

I'm happy to say the CUP stayed well-lubricated throughout its use βœ…!

Once done, close it up and dispose! Read here or here why you shouldn't re-use them.

Should you get the Tenga Original Cool CUP?

The Tenga Original Cool CUP on its side

If you're looking to spice (uhm, or cool πŸ˜…) things up, you can't go wrong as the cool CUP is affordable and allows you to experience a different sensation without breaking the bank.

The menthol can make you bigger, resulting in the CUP being too tight depending on your girth. If you can take the CUP with extra girth, go for it!

And if you're in the summer heat? I bet this CUP will feel extra refreshing. You can even get the Tenga Hole Cool Lubricant separately!

Who is it not for?

If you are well-endowed, this CUP will be too tight for you. Check out the Gentle CUPs instead.

If you prefer very strong suction feelings, the Standard Original and Premium Original CUPs are still the champions at that – having the strongest manual suction I've experienced in a male masturbator. I'm a huge fan of the original premium!

If it's your first time trying a masturbator? I still recommend getting started with the Standard Original and Premium Original CUPs. There's plenty of time to experiment once you've gotten used to enjoying standard masturbators.


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You can buy the Tenga Original Cool CUP for 9USD/11EUR. The same price as for the standard original CUP – it's great to switch things up without having to pay extra.


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