Glass Anal Toys Haul 2023

Glass Anal Toys Haul 2023
Get ready as there's tons of glass toys to review in this post!

We're almost reaching the end of 2023, but you bet I won't let it happen without posting a glass toy review 😏!

Having tried tons of silicone sex toys, it was time to give glass toys a try. I've always been eyeing them, but I couldn't find shops selling the reputed brands which I trust and wanted. In the end there's not as many reputed glass toy sellers, and it is a smaller world than silicone toys.

After some research I settled for some other brands, and as you'll see – with very mixed results. Get ready for the rollercoaster 🫢.

Want to skip straight to the reviews? Just scroll down! First I'll go over some basics and questions you might have about glass.

Glass Toy Safety

Before we dig in, you might think.. Glass sex toys, are you crazy 😱? Not at all, glass toys from trusted brands are perfectly fine to be used as sex toys, and can be very pleasurable 😎. Just make sure they are not chipped and inspect them thoroughly before and after every use.

Now, not every glass toy is safe! Some shapes should be banned 🚫, and some are stronger than others 💪. Dangerouslilly has a ton of information clearing this up – I strongly recommend a read through of her post.

Is Your Glass Sex Toy Truly Safe? — Dangerous Lilly
High quality glass sex toys are safe and beautiful but how can you tell for sure that your glass sex toy is as advertised? Just do this simple test!

In summary, while some brands are better than others, even white label brands should be OK in terms of glass strength, the chance of it shattering during use is very low as long as it was made with a solid shape 💪.

See, every bend, twist and turn in a glass toy increases the stress and possibility of it breaking. That's why pull-ring style glass toys are easy to break, the pull-ring is too thin, and the shape has a sudden change in shape.

Instead, keep to toys with a more uniform, straight or slightly bent shape. Find a butt plug with a bent, thin base? Hell no. Do not even try.

So white label brands are OK?

While in terms of glass strength, white label brands should be OK, I still would recommend you get a glass toy from a reputed brand and only use a white label brand as a last resort.

Some manufacturers use lead in their glass which is toxic. Dangerouslilly didn't find any lead in the white label toys she tested, but you never know what else was mixed in there.

We'll get to the glass stress levels in a bit.

Why Glass Toys?

Glass feels very different from silicone. It is rigid, feels cold-unless warmed up (great for temperature play), and with enough lubricant it slides in in a much different, more enjoyable way 🥰.

I wouldn't recommend it to beginners, but if you've dabbled into anal play and enjoyed it in the past – and you're curious about glass toys? Sure, give it a go, because let me give a spoiler - it felt AMAZING 🔥 and gave me intense orgasms.

Which Toys Did I Get?

I went on a quest to find the best glass toys and I bought a total of 6 glass toys to try out 😎.

Yes I know, I bought a white-label glass toy, let's see!

Okay, I did end up cracking for one of the white label toys (I know.. 😖), the glass heart dildo. It is literally everywhere – even used in a lot of porn videos if you search for glass toy videos, and its shape looks so amazing I couldn't resist.

Next up I also got 3 different Chrystalino (by Shots!) glass toys. The toys looked promising, although I've had a bad experience with Shots toys, I was still up to give it a try.

Finally I got 2 glass toys from Gläs which were recommended to me, and overall seems like a trustworthy glass toy company.

You'll be surprised with my experience, as both Chrystalino and Gläs gave me unexpected surprises 😖...

Chrystalino Glass Anal Toy Reviews

First off, big warning ⚠️, none of the Chrystalino toys have a hygiene seal.. That's a big no-no in the world of sex toys. Even though glass toys are much easier to clean doesn't mean there should not be a hygiene seal..

The packaging is beautiful, but that does not matter when there is no hygiene seal! To earn our trust, a hygiene seal is the least the company could do.

Hygiene seals are not something to be appreciated, they are a must in the sex toy industry.

Chrystalino Classy Butt Plug Review

The Classy has a good 1.5"/3.8cm diameter 🫢, and with it being firm glass, it definitely makes for a good stretch! I had to warm up with another toy before trying it out.

During first insertion, I could feel the cold glass on my sensitive parts, I never knew temperature play like this could be so enjoyable. Sliding it in, it is super rigid and this made for a stronger, super enjoyable stretch 😍.

The base of this plug doesn't give me 100% confidence as it is not very large compared to the plug body 🧐. I found this glass toy tends to get sucked in by itself with a strong force compared to usual silicone toys – meaning it's better to be extra careful.

Still compared to other glass toys, this was one of the toys with a safer base that I went for, although I would've preferred a slightly larger base.

The shape is great in the sense that it won't fall out, once it's in, it's very secure – although the base should have been larger. It is comfortable standing, sitting, lying down, it all works out.

The plug itself is super pleasurable in terms of stretching and temperature. It won't exactly give much prostate pressure, but in the end my session ended with great orgasms.

I recommend the Chrystalino Classy as it is solidly built and very enjoyable. Do pay attention to the base and make sure it does not get sucked in. It's not a plug I would recommend for long-time wear since its base on the smaller side, and also glass toys can put more pressure on your nerves – you don't want to cut off your blood circulation.

Chrystalino Massage Dildo Review

The shape of the Chrystalino Massage is very intriguing 🤩 so I just had to give it a test.

I was a bit surprised it was shorter than I expected 😕, but then again I should've read the measurements before purchase, so that's on me!

The Massage felt exactly how it looks like. The initial insertion is challenging with its larger, less gradual shape – which is great fun for teasing! Once in, as I slide it in further, I could feel the firm shape of this toy very clearly.

This is enjoyable, but go SLOW! This toy is great to enjoy slow movements, but doesn't do well with fast movements as the shape is slightly sharper than a regular dildo, and it is an extra firm material.

Overall, I can recommend the Massage 🤟, a lot of fun to be had with the teasing during insertion. If I had to choose between the Classy and Massage though? I'd go for the Classy as in terms of pleasure and stretching, it was more enjoyable.

Chrystalino Blaze Dildo? Review

Okay, tell me you see what I see 😨... The actual toy and the image on the box don't look alike.. The shape is completely different. The bulb (base) of the toy to prevent it from slipping is waaay too small 😱.

I had some doubts about the Blaze during my order, but its slightly cheaper price attracted me, and the shape turned out to be much worse than I expected.

Unfortunately since these are sex toys, I can't get a refund. This is not a toy you should use anywhere near your butt! This toy does not deserve a test, and so I haven't tried it out.

Butts tend to suck things in, and I found that it is especially the case with glass toys. Do not get the Blaze ⛔️!

Gläs Glass Anal Toy Reviews

The Gläs have stickers all around the box which you could see as hygiene seal, but it is not impossible to re-stick them even after it was opened.

Hygiene seals are not something to be appreciated, they are a must in the sex toy industry.

Gläs 4" Glass Butt Plug Review

This butt plug's shape looks incredibly pleasurable, and during my test, I can confirm, it is! Getting the beads in one by one, increasing in difficulty was very fun 🤩. The only issue is.. Again, why do glass toys not have secure bases 😖?

The base is so small, there is nothing stopping it from getting sucked in 😨. It truly made me nervous during use, so I couldn't enjoy the sensations.

Take this toy and add a secure, larger round base? That would be the bomb 🔥. That would be super pleasurable, and you wouldn't have to worry about getting it sucked in.

Overall not recommended since it does not have a secure base ⛔️.

Gläs 5" Curved Glass Beaded Dildo Review

This dildo turned out much smaller than I had expected 😖. Again it's my fault for not reading the actual sizes, but I've seen tons of similar shaped glass toys and they looked much larger in real. This toy's width is smaller than a skinny finger.

The base is also much too small to avoid this toy from getting sucked in, due to this, I cannot recommend it.

I did still test it, and for a beginner, the sensations would feel nice – but I don't recommend glass toys for beginners anyway as the chance of forcing things in can increase the risk of injury.

It's truly a dildo though, don't expect more, with this shape, it won't stay in, it pushes itself out naturally.

Overall too small to really be enjoyable, and it does not have a secure base ⛔️. The length also does not help since it is rather short for a dildo. Another one for the not recommended list 🤷‍♂️.

White-label Heart Dildo Review

I'm, uhm.. confused? I don't pro-actively recommend white-label toys, but.. woah. This toy blew my mind 🤯.

Super smooth, very rounded shape, great size, no way it gets lost inside thanks to its length. It felt.. great 😳? The slightly beaded shape was very fun to play with, and its shape at the tip feels amazing to slide in and out repeatedly 😍. With its long length it is a pity I can't reach the third bead, but playing with the first two beads is tons of fun.

Glass Sex Toys Stress Test

Glass stress test results on the Gläs beaded butt plug using a polariscope (below) and polarimeter (above)

Here's a trick I learned from Dangerouslilly. Get a polarizing camera filter and hold the toys in front of a white computer screen in a dark room. You'll see the stress that exists in the glass through a rainbow of colors.

Rotate the polarizing filter to get either a polarimeter or polariscope. Your computer screen will look black when you have a polariscope.

The more colorful, the more stress in this case. According to Dangerouslilly totally clear is the best, but gold and indigo are still OK. I ran the test on this haul of toys and I was surprised.. See the results below.

Chrystalino Glass Stress Test Results

The Classy has some moderate-to-high stress going on – it was more obvious on the polariscope results (black background), so I included those. The Massage and Blaze surprisingly didn't show any signs of stress at all, no matter which angle I took a photo from 🌟. This is surprising since the Massage (2nd photo) has a pretty unique shape.

Unfortunately the toy I enjoyed the most (classy – first photo) has the most stress.

Gläs Glass Stress Test Results

The beaded dildo has some light to moderate stress going on, with the most stress near the "base" – although I would argue this does not count as a base. The Beaded Plug has moderate-to-high stress.

White-label Glass Stress Test Results

Since it's a white-label dildo, it's hit or miss, as you won't know if you've got one from the same manufacturer, still here are the results.

Nevertheless... I'm no expert, but it looks like there's a ton of stress areas in this dildo.

Stress Test Results Summary

There is no one brand that wins in this test ☹️ – it's more on a toy to toy basis which makes it difficult to recommend one brand. Out of the brands tested, Chrystalino seems to make stronger glass toys overall.

  • Little to no stress: Chrystalino Massage, Chrystalino Blaze
  • Light to moderate stress: Gläs beaded dildo
  • Moderate to high stress: Chrystalino Classy, White-Label Glass Heart Dildo, Gläs beaded butt plug

Best Glass Anal Toy From This Haul

The white-label heart dildo has an amazing shape

The white-label heart dildo was the cheapest toy out of this haul, a white-label toy, and it was the most pleasurable of all... I'm not saying, go out there and use white-label glass toys. Not at all – as we saw, it does have a ton of stress. I don't want to recommend white-label toys. You still don't know whether it contains lead or others. In terms of pleasure though? As much as it bothers me, in this haul, the white-label toy is the one.

Don't go buying a white-label toy just yet though! Instead, I'll have to keep on searching and review more glass toys, to find one that is even better than the white-label dildo – and safe. Make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter, as my quest is not yet done 😉.

While some Chrystalino toys are terrible and should not be sold – they do have some great options as well which I'll have to continue to explore, and the same goes for Gläs toys.


Here's a quick ranking in terms of which toys were the most enjoyable.

  1. White-label heart dildo (please read the previous title!! I don't recommend white-label toys)
  2. Chrystalino Classy
  3. Chrystalino Massage

Unfortunately #1 and #2 both showed signs of high stress, making #3, while less pleasurable, a safer option.

Chrystalino Blaze > ⚠️ Do NOT get! Unsafe base and it WILL get sucked in.

Gläs 4" Glass Butt Plug > ⚠️ Do NOT get! Base is much too small on this plug, and it WILL get sucked in!

Gläs 5" Curved Glass Beaded Dildo > ⚠️ There is no base preventing this dildo from slipping in completely, considering glass toys are more slippery, I do not recommend it – stay safe.


Phew, that was a ton of information 😅 – and a rollercoaster in terms of experiences 😬! I loved all the new sensations from glass toys. However, I was truly disappointed in the safety and variety of glass toys available right now ⛔️...

We're far from there yet in terms of safe, reputed, trustworthy glass sex toy companies. Both Gläs and Chrystalino have unsafe sex toy designs in the ones I purchased this haul, and both had toys with moderate-to-high stress.

Out of the 6 toys I bought, I can only recommend 1, possibly 2 😨...

Remember, don't go for white-label brands, make sure you have a secure base – avoid pull-ring style bases and any other thin/curvy bases as they could break off. Don't let packaging images fool you, check for the exact sizes!

I promise I'll come back with more reviews and find the true ideal glass toy which we are all looking for. 🌟 Protection Status