New Fleshlight Boost Bang Light Male Masturbator Review

New Fleshlight Boost Bang Light Male Masturbator Review
The Fleshlight Boost Bang Medium Light Packaging
Double Turbo-Rings. New orifices. New skin tones. New suction control cap. Amazing.

A while back, Fleshlight announced the new Fleshlight Boost line-up. I'm excited as I finally got my hands on the Boost Bang, now the question is: is this new line-up really worth the hype? Let's find out in this Fleshlight Boost Bang test.

More new features than any product release since the original.
New Fleshlight Boost Line-Up
Fleshlight has announced and released a new line-up of Fleshlight products: the Fleshlight Boost ?! These products may have a big impact on the future line-up of Fleshlight toys - as they come with many new features. Could it be a refresh for future Fleshlights? Let’s dig in! The Boost line
The new Fleshlight Boost Line-Up Announcement post.

If you're a Safe Lust subscriber, you will know that I had some delay writing this review. It took took me a lot of time to prepare and fully review the Fleshlight Boost as there are just so many details I wanted to try out, compare, and discuss so I can truly describe it, let's dive into it.


The Boost comes in the typical Fleshlight cardboard box packaging. It comes with a sample of Fleshlube and a golden-colored VIP card that redirects you to Fleshlight's VIP page.

The shiny blue case is truly beautiful and a nice addition to any collection. Having had the gold and pearl case, I'm liking this color even more. I can't decide which one looks nicer, the pearl or the blue case.

The Fleshlight Boost Bang in its blue case

Unfortunately my Fleshlight Boost sleeve came with some ugly 'wrinkles', which you can see on the below photo near the entire bottom of the sleeve, around the case. Is that how they made it more life-like, by adding wrinkles πŸ˜…? You might have to zoom in if it's not clear due to the lighting.

'Wrinkles' near the bottom of the brand new Fleshlight Boost Bang. It is just unboxed so it still has the factory's renewing powder on it.

Looking at the Reddit community r/fleshlight, it seems that more users are having issues with their QA process. Luckily most of them got a replacement by contacting Fleshlight.

Since mine was still functional I was too busy to go through the hassle – I haven't contacted them about it, but it's still a pity seeing those 'wrinkles' every time I open up the Boost.


The intro on the packaging mentions some of the new features of the Fleshlight Boost Bang:

  • New case and skin-tone colors
  • More detailed, life-like orifices
  • A new Suction Control Cap
  • Turbo Tech dual floating inner rings inside the sleeve

Here's a deep dive for each of those new features.

More Realistic Texture

This is such a welcome update, and I'm glad Fleshlight went for it. Looking back at the original lady orifice, it doesn't look very realistic at all, and I'm not a big fan of it. That's the biggest reason I go for Fleshlight Girl sleeves instead.

Here's a comparison of the original Fleshlight Lady orifice and the newer Fleshlight Boost Bang Light Medium sleeve:

The new orifice looks amazing, the material feels better, and -🚨 spoiler alert 🚨- is very fun to play with in different angles, especially in reverse cowgirl! The original lady orifice doesn't feel as detailed or realistic, it feels a bit dull and unrefined. The skin tone feels much more realistic in the Boost. The ridges, especially near the bottom of the Boost orifice are very nice to play with.

The orifice change is such a welcome update.
I honestly feel like Fleshlight should use the Boost Bang orifice to replace the original lady. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Once there are enough responses I'll make sure to forward it to the Fleshlight team.

New Suction Control Cap

The new Suction Control Cap on the Fleshlight Boost Bang

This new feature had me totally hyped up! Was it worth the hype? The new suction control cap has a few new features:

  1. The suction can be adjusted by a rotating ring which is moderately easy to operate.
  2. The trapped air can escape through a one-way vent, I can't stress how important this is.

Regarding #1, I don't have much to explain. Rotate the ring, and the suction becomes stronger or less strong. It is very effective and easier to use than the original cap. Could it still be easier to use? Probably yes πŸ’‘. The rotating ring is hard to grab and turn with slippery hands.

Regarding #2, when suction is very strong, trying to enter a Fleshlight can be tough, as the trapped air in the toy has to exit somewhere. This brings a less fluent penetration experience, it would be more choppy and less enjoyable.

With a one-way exit air vent, the air can be pushed out when entering the toy, but no air will enter through the vent when exiting the toy. That means, you can easily enter the toy, and you get a great amount of suction when exiting the toy.

Is this a life-changing difference? No, but when paid attention to it, it is noticeable, and the new suction control cap just feels more enjoyable in use, and is very welcome.

Is the new suction control cap less strong than the original suction control cap? There's only one way to find out. I used two Fleshlights in this experiment. A Fleshlight Boost and a Fleshlight Girls. I used it with their own respective suction control caps. I then switched the suction control caps around, as you can see in the below image:

I switched out the suction control cap of the Fleshlight Boost and Fleshlight Girls in this experiment to find out which Fleshlight Suction Control Cap is stronger.

The answer? Not by much. There isn't an obvious difference between both. If I had to choose which cap has the strongest suction, I'd say it's the original cap - and even this I can't guarantee 100%, as it depends on how well the cap fits the shape of the case. Which cap would I choose to replace all Fleshlights? The new Boost Cap. The Fleshlight team has succeeded 🌟.

Why would I choose the new cap? No more random twisting of a loose suction cap, and no more issues with trapped air during penetration. I would gladly trade off a slight amount of suction for these benefits. Don't forget, it's not a huge difference neither.

If you do want the strongest suction experience, I strongly recommend checking out the Tenga CUPs which blew my socks off:

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New Turbo Rings & Texture

You can see the dual floating turbo-rings on the packaging of the Fleshlight Boost

I really like the Boost, so I wasn't ready to cut up my Fleshlight Boost in half to show you its Turbo Rings. The photo on the packaging will have to do for now 😜.

I am however thinking of getting an HQ endoscope camera to show you the insides of masturbators more clearly. If I do, I'll update this post and let you know through a Twitter update. Make sure to subscribe to the Safe Lust Twitter so you don't miss it.

The Turbo Rings are a huge innovation to the Fleshlight sleeves, and a stronger element of surprise. The rings are extremely stimulating, which does make it harder to focus on the actual sleeve textures.

You'll find more on how the Turbo Rings feel in practice below.

Realization: Removable Case Ring

I can't believe I never noticed this before πŸ™ˆ. Having tried many different Fleshlight sleeves over the years, I've never realized there's a ring on the entrance of the case that you can pop out!

Once popped out, you can easily clean the inside of the case, it makes a huge difference. Discovering this on the Boost, I didn't expect the previous Fleshlight cases to have this feature. I was shocked. All my previous Fleshlight standard-sized cases have this removable ring, so it is not a Boost-specific feature.

It's a huge life-saver for cleaning the toy, so I hope I can spread some of this joy around to some of my readers who also weren't aware!

Inserting the case ring on the sleeve itself makes it easier to pop it back into the case.

The removable case ring is especially useful on the Boost. With the Boost sleeve's middle part being slightly larger, it is harder to fit it in the case. Popping out the ring, putting it around the sleeve, then pushing the sleeve into the case is much easier. You can see this in the above photo. Just make sure you don't get the sleeve material trapped between the ring!


Comparing the Fleshlight Boost Bang Light sleeve with the Fleshlight Girls Autumn Falls Peaches sleeve

The Fleshlight Boost sleeves are certainly more bulky around the middle part, right behind the orifice. That's because it needs more width to house double floating rings. That makes it slightly harder to get the sleeve into the case, and it will take some more Fleshlight renewing powder. If the sleeve gets sticky, it's very tricky to get it into the case - the renewing powder saves the day though.

Surprisingly the Boost does not feel too tight for larger girths, it even felt less tight than the Autumn Falls Cream.

Does it work with the Kiiroo Keon automatic stroker?

As you might know I'm a big fan of the Kiiroo Keon automatic masturbator, I mean, who doesn't like a comfortable hands-free experience that syncs your masturbator to any video from famous porn sites?

Of course I had to try it out, do the Fleshlight Boost sleeves fit into the Kiiroo Keon Compatible Case? You might wonder, why am I even asking this? Well, the shape of the Fleshlight Boost sleeve is a bit thicker around the middle compared to other sleeves.

While it is a tighter fit than other Fleshlight sleeves, it works out without any problem. It can take slightly longer to get the sleeve fitted into the case properly, but in the end it works fine - and feels great.

The Fleshlight Boost sleeve is perfectly usable with the Keon.

How It Feels

The Fleshlight Boost Bang Sleeve

Getting started with the Fleshlight Boost Bang, just playing with the outside orifice felt great, much better than the original lady. Entering the toy, the orifice didn't feel too tight, and I meet up a bigger space until touching one of the turbo rings. That's because the turbo rings are floating in a bigger space, so the entrance doesn't feel too tight.

Okay, turbo ring, here I come πŸ”₯. I found I had to literally push my way through the rings. The rings would naturally move backwards as I pushed against them, until they would pop into place around my penis one by one. The popping feeling is very distinct and super enjoyable. The feeling is very strong on the glans.

I was too distracted by the Turbo Rings to really feel the texture behind the rings so I had to try the Boost multiple times to fully understand this sleeve. Behind the rings comes a small lip with some textures behind it. This lip almost feels like yet another turbo ring, as it is round and hugs the penis tightly during penetration.

Another intense popping sensation happens when...

When exiting, another intense popping sensation happens as the turbo rings get removed one by one. You can literally feel the two separate rings popping over the glans and frenulum. I like glans stimulation more than shaft stimulation, so for me this feels great.

Overall, the Fleshlight Boost Bang is a great experience that's worth a try. The focus is clearly on its dual turbo rings, other variations in the sleeve are less obvious.

How does the Fleshlight Boost Bang compare to the Fleshlight Girls?

I compared it to the Autumn Falls Cream sleeve. It feels completely different. While the Cream meets you up with a tight entrance, amazing tiny beads and a waffle structure which provide a nice amount of variation, the Boost focuses purely on those circular rings and lips.

Overall, I'd say the Autumn Falls Cream is more intense than the Boost, but I really like both βœ…. The cream is known to be an intense sleeve though so that makes sense. You can find the user-based comparison on FleshAssist if interested. No wonder the Cream is ranked as #2 on FleshAssist.

Mixed reviews?

I've seen mixed reviews of the Boost so far, and it seems to be a mix of 'too intense', and 'not realistic'. I don't think that's fair, as the boost was never marketed to have more realistic feelings, only the orifice is supposed to be more realistic πŸ‘.

Bottom-line is, if you're looking for a strong toy to get you off with a popping-ring sensation – the Fleshlight Boost Bang is great.

Is the Fleshlight Boost Bang realistic?

The turbo rings feel great, but are too intense to feel realistic. If you are looking for a toy to give a realistic penis-in-vagina experience, other sleeves, or onaholes would be a better option.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Boost Bang can be cleaned just like the other Fleslight standard-sized toys. Remove the sleeve from its case. Use Fleshwash or another sex toy cleaner, and spray, rub it everywhere on the sleeve and the case. Rinse well. Towel dry the outside of the sleeve. Towel dry the case. Put the sleeve back in its case. For more info on how to take care of your Fleshlights, check out my article below.

How To Take Care Of Your Fleshlight
So, you’ve got a Fleshlight and now you’re wondering, how do I keep it brand new? How do I avoid rookie mistakes? Do I really need renewing powder? How do I avoid it from growing mold? How should I dry it? Let’s find out together. First, let’s understand what material

Now, either you let it air-dry – which can take some time – or you use an accessory such as the Fleshlight Air which makes drying a breeze, as long as you can accept the Fleshlight Air being noisy.

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Should you get it?

If you are looking for:

  • An intense stimulation toy
  • With the latest features from Fleshlight (suction control cap, more realistic orifice, new case color, skin tones)
  • A more realistic, updated lady orifice
  • A special experience with turbo-rings that you have to push yourself through
  • A popping feeling from the turbo-rings on the glans
  • A sleeve that you can use with the Kiiroo Keon

Then the Fleshlight Boost Bang will be a great toy for you.

Who is it not for?

If you are looking for:

  • A realistic sex toy, that imitates real penis-in-vagina sex
  • A toy that's not too intense so that you can last longer

Then I suggest looking into alternatives, especially the Fleshlight Girls.

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You can get the Fleshlight Boost Bang for around 75USD/75EUR. I was able to get mine at 15% off during special sales of a trusted sex shop.

If you don't have one yet, I highly recommend you to get a Fleshlight Air along with the Boost.

Fleshlight also has sales from time to time, so make sure to check it out:


Is the Fleshlight Boost Bang worth the hype? In my opinion yes βœ… – it's a great modernization of the Fleshlight toys, although some changes such as the suction control cap won't bring a huge impact by itself, the complete package of improvements is impressive and very enjoyable.

If you're looking to try a modernized version of the Fleshlight line-up, give the Boost a try. The turbo-rings feel amazing on the glans and frenulum, but won't be as intense as one of the top-tier sleeves such as the Autumn Falls Cream. Protection Status