Kiiroo Lumen - Interactive Vibrating Butt Plug Review

Kiiroo Lumen - Interactive Vibrating Butt Plug Review
The Kiiroo Lumen Interactive Vibrating Butt Plug Packaging

Kiiroo is great at making interactive sex toys. Just look at the Keon with its very well-designed app. They also have an interactive butt plug, the Kiiroo Lumen. Of course, I had to get one and test it out. How does the Lumen compare to the famous Lovense Hush? Let's find out.


The Lumen comes in a fairly small cardboard box, neatly organized. Inside you will find:

  • The Lumen itself
  • User Guide
  • Storage Pouch
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable

There was no hygiene seal on the cardboard box. Instead there was a plastic wrap all round the box. As long as you're buying from the official Kiiroo store, you will be fine. I would still appreciate a more obvious hygiene seal.

I love that it comes with a nice, well-sized satin storage pouch – great if you use it out and about.

The jewel that lights up is a nice touch by Kiiroo, finally a jewel plug with a safe base! The jewel is actually a transparent plastic shaped like a jewel, it does look different from the standard jewel plugs – but that's not necessarily a bad thing, the Lumen is unique 😎.


The Kiiroo Lumen and its included storage pouch

The size isn't obviously available online. I wish Kiiroo would make this more obvious. Here are the full specs:

Full Length: 3.9"/10cm
Insertable Length: 3.15"/8cm
Diameter: 1.3"/3.3cm

This small size makes it easy for any experience level to get started. Even if you're more experienced, a smaller toy means it's easier to wear it out and about in a comfortable way.


The unique shape of the Kiiroo Lumen

The base of the Lumen has a very particular shape which provides some perineum stimulation. In practice, such a secure base gives me a good peace of mind. I know that no matter what, this plug won't slip inside.

A very secure base

Since it's a relatively small plug, and its design is amazing for wearing outside, it only makes sense to have a very secure base, so kudos to Lumen for getting this right 🌟. I wouldn't trust this plug if it didn't have a stable base. Imagine it slipping in and getting lost while you're out, that would NOT be comfortable 😳. That would be an awkward trip to the ER 🫣.

The base didn't bother me at all when sitting, it does not feel pokey.

A thin, long neck

The Lumen comes with a thin, long neck - which is great for making sure the plug doesn't slip out.

All in all a great butt plug design, the plug should never slip in too deep, and should not slip out!

Material and Texture

The side of the Kiiroo Lumen packaging shows the texture very well

I was so surprised of the material! It's not just a rigid plug, the Lumen has a give to it, right around the tip and the ribbles. It feels so comfortable to squeeze in your hand, and even better, it adds softness which makes it super comfortable for long-term wear 😏.

This is amazing – you can't imagine. One thing I didn't enjoy of my Lovense Hush 1 was how rigid it was. This completely solves that. I haven't reviewed the Hush 2 however which came out in the meantime, so possibly this was improved in the Hush 2.

The outer layer of the Lumen is made from 100% silicone which is body-safe, non-porous, super easy to clean. The plug has a barely visible seam, and it is difficult to feel a seam with your fingers. It functions as a seamless plug. Nice touch from Kiiroo for taking care of that.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As it's a silicone toy, cleaning couldn't be easier. Use warm water and mild soap. Rinse, and towel-dry – you're ready to go. Make sure to clean it immediately before and after every use.

How It Feels

The Kiiroo Lumen on its storage pouch, that jewel looks great πŸ”₯

With some lubricant, the Lumen slipped right in. I could feel those pleasurable ribbles when it was slipping in. When slipped in I could feel some gentle p-spot pressure, and while the Lumen is rather small, you can clearly feel it in there, pressing on the right spot.

It feels better than what you'd imagine from its size. Playing with your muscles makes the Lumen move in a comfortable way. Overall it sits very comfortably.

It's crazy how silent the Lumen is! Around the low levels it's barely noticeable 😳. At the highest setting it gets more noticeable, but if you have enough background noise it should filter it out quite easily.

On high, the vibrations strong and enjoyable. Although I wouldn't say they're as strong as the Lovense Hush. The Hush is so extreme that on high strength it can feel painful. The max vibration strength of the Lumen is well-balanced and I can't complain about it πŸ˜‰.

That does mean that you won't have to worry about strangers setting the vibration strength too high when giving controls to strangers. I've read of some people being mad in the Lovense subreddit due to strangers constantly setting the vibrations to the highest setting which can be painful πŸ˜“ .

Stranger Play

Now the most exciting part, when linked to the app, you can create a link to share that other people can control your toy 😏. Perfect for that extra spiciness πŸ”₯.

How do you create a partner control link for the Lumen? This feature is a bit hidden, to do this, open the FeelConnect app, select Touch Control, and tap the little Bluetooth icon on the top right. This will create a shareable link to give control to others.

It seems the best subreddits to post it in right now are r/kiiroo and r/lovense. I couldn't find other toy control subreddits I posted my link there to see how much it would actually get played with.

I didn't end up with much action, as my post was for females only, that combined with the time of day is probably the reason it did not get controlled. You can always make friends in those subreddits and later on ask them to control your toys – that should work better.

Interactive App

Apart from stranger play, the interactive app has tons of features. Here's the full list:

  • Touch Control: control the vibrations yourself - although the control interface is not super intuitive, it works.
  • Patterns: make and play vibration patterns - unfortunately no patterns available from a marketplace so you'll have to make them yourself.
  • Clap control: the toy will vibrate with the noise detected from your phone's microphone. You can set the sensitivity.
  • Device to device: if you want multiple devices to sync to the same patterns. Great to use for example the Keon and the Lumen at the same time, following the same patterns 😎.
  • Media: you can make it sync to porn videos. This works with the interactive videos on Pornhub (categories > Interactive), although the selection is quite small. It works well on the videos that do have interactivity.

Overall there is a good amount of options that should suit your needs. A vibration pattern marketplace would be amazing, but is currently missing.. Next to this, they could be promoting games compatible with the Lumen, and so on. The Lumen is definitely capable of it!

The Lumen is supported over at, meaning you can use it with third-party games and apps.

FeelMe AI

FeelMe AI is a service that allows you to connect your Kiiroo Keon to almost any porn video. It uses AI to sync the sex toys to the video.

While it's a great service, I was honestly disappointed finding out it does not work for the Lumen 😭. Imagine syncing the Lumen to some pegging videos, wouldn't that be AMAZING πŸ”₯? This way you could feel the vibrations in your butt as the person in the video is being pegged.

It could get even better. What if you could link both your Keon and Lumen to FeelMe AI at the same time? That would be great. Unfortunately that doesn't work with the device to device link feature, as you have to specifically link the toy to the FeelMe AI app which doesn't support Lumen.

I don't understand why the Lumen is not supported seeing it does work when syncing videos through the FeelConnect app, for example the Pornhub Interactive videos.

Please @Kiiroo - add support for the Lumen to FeelMe AI! It only makes sense for the Lumen to also be supported.

Noise Level

The Lumen is the most quiet interactive butt plug I have found so far, truly an incredible achievement πŸ”₯. I hope they keep on innovating and making things even more quiet in the future.

Measured with the microphone right next to the Lumen, here are the decibels recorded.

Lowest setting: 65dB
Highest setting: 74dB

Note, this is the measurement right next to a microphone, and your body would also isolate the vibration sounds.

Want to compare this with the noise levels of other sex toys? You can do so in the link below!

Safe Lust Sex Toys Noise Levels Comparison
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Long-Term Wear

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Lumen is easy to wear for longer periods, even when out and about. It works out well, and there's nothing more to mention about that!

Should you get it?

If you're looking for an interactive plug that isn't too loud, is not too big, is comfortable for long-term wear, this is it.

As long as you're not expecting larger size butt plugs, the Lumen is amazing and hits the right spot βœ….

Who is it not for?

If you're looking for an interactive plug to give you an intense full feeling, this plug may not be for you.


The Hush is a popular alternative which comes in multiple sizes. If you're looking for larger sizes, this could suit your needs.

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The B-Vibe Trio is not interactive, but comes with a remote control. Its three vibration motors come with a twist!

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Looking for an automatic masturbator that doubles as a sex machine instead? Meet the Keon. You can also link the Keon to be in sync with the Lumen.

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You can get the Lumen at around 119USD/111EUR – although if you are patient enough you will be able to find it on sale at some point.

Save your πŸ’Έ - the Lumen is on sale with 30% OFF for Anal August - until end of August.

Check out the sale

You can get an additional 10% OFF with discount code SAFELUST at checkout.


The Kiiroo Lumen is a very worthy opponent for the popular Lovense Hush. The Lumen is more comfortable for long-term wear, while not being too large and being more squishy, and more quiet. The Hush on the other hand offers more powerful (sometimes painful) vibrations and different sizes – although its material is more firm and the toy itself is clearly louder.

They're both great plugs, and you can't go wrong with either of them. Depending on what you are looking for, the Lumen is an amazing option especially for public play.

If you're looking for a comfortable, slightly squishy plug that isn't too lengthy, or too wide, which you can easily wear while out and about, the Lumen rocks πŸ‘.

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