Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 Inflatable Vibrator Review

Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 Inflatable Vibrator Review
The Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 on its maximum inflation
Inflate to orgasm.

Okay, I admit, I went on a bit of a Satisfyer shopping spree. I previously reviewed the Satisfyer Deep Diver which turned out great. Get ready though, as the Air Pump Booty 5 takes things to the next, next, next.. level 🔥.

I feel I need to clear up something before we continue:

You might be thinking: why are most reviews on SafeLust positive?

Yes, bad toys do exist - I have too many toys to count, and instead of focusing on which ones you should NOT get (there are too many), I'm focusing on the ones I definitely want you to know about 😎.

And this one.. is definitely one you should know - it goes right up in my TOP favorite toys list 🥰.

So what is it about? The Air Pump Booty 5 is an app-connected, Bluetooth vibrating and inflating sex toy. As the name says, its main purpose is to be used in the butt 😏!

Satisfyer always surprises me with their competitive pricing. I found the Air Pump Booty 5 (phew that's a mouthful 😮‍💨) at a price of around 40 USD / 35 EUR. For an app-controlled rechargeable vibrating AND inflatable anal vibrator, this is a steal 😍!


Satisfyer's products packaging looks very fancy, although I wouldn't say it is as re-usable and sturdy as B-Vibe's packaging. I store all my charging cables in a B-Vibe box, which is made from thicker cardboard and no transparent viewing window.

In any case, this packaging makes it easy to view the product in-store. The cardboard box has a magnetic opening. The box itself has a very clear hygiene seal – see the third image – again kudos to Satisfyer for including this 😎! More sex toy companies should follow this example.

Inside you'll find:

  • The Air Pump Booty 5 anal vibrator itself
  • A manual
  • A magnetic USB charging cable

Shape & Design

The Satisfyier Air Pump Booty 5 handle and shape

Okay, I don't usually go for pink toys, but who cares, it looks nice and sleek. The extra lines along the shaft of the toy make it look more interesting. It has the typical Satisfyer handle which looks beautiful 🌟. The shiny silver line around the handle looks great.

The tip has a gradual but fast increase in diameter, this gradual increase still makes it relatively easy to insert. The handle comes with a loop hole, although I haven't really been using it in the sessions, it can be useful when carrying it.

As this is an anal toy, the base of the toy is large enough to avoid it getting sucked in, even when inflated to the maximum diameter.


Similar remark for all Satisfyer products: unfortunately, the size is not clearly indicated on the Satisfyer website. This toy however seems to be a good size for intermediate and above anal play.

@Satisfyer, I would love to see clear size descriptions, or even better: images that clearly show the diameter and so on of the toys.

I don't recommend this toy for complete beginners, as it has a good stretching diameter, and it is meant to inflate to even larger diameters. This is however amazing for anal training, or for whoever wants to enjoy that stretching feeling.


Inflating the Air Booty Pump 5

Another bonus: when inflated, the vibrations feel stronger and more intense, along with the pressure of the thick, inflated toy 🔥.

Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 Dimensions:

Max diameter when not inflated: 1.38"/3.5cm
Max diameter when fully inflated: 1.81"/4.6cm

Insertable length: 3.5"/9cm
Full length: 7"/18cm

I did warm up with another toy prior to using this one, but if you are intermediate with anal play, you should be able to slowly start with this toy. Take your time to make sure you don't injure yourself.

Need a first anal toy instead to get started enjoying the anal pleasures? Go for a high quality butt plug training kit, a smaller squishy interactive butt plug, or an affordable but oh-so-comfortable plug.

How It Feels

💡 Notice the hole on the bottom of the toy. This is how the air gets pumped in. Avoid making this hole wet during cleaning, and don't block it during use.

I couldn't wait to test out the Air Pump Booty 5 (let's call it the BAP5 from now?)! Before getting started, I explored the app and buttons to know exactly how it works. I don't want to over-inflate it above my limits. I suggest you do the same so as to not over-stretch yourself!

Getting connected to the Satisfyer mobile app was a breeze. To use the inflation, press the icon on the top right, then the inflation icon. While you press, it inflates - and the amount of inflation shows up in the circle. Double tap to deflate.

I love that I can see exactly how much I am inflating it. I measured how large it is when half inflated, and from there I knew what were my limits. I went slightly further than half inflation, for now that's my limit 😉.

What would be even cooler? Predefined inflation settings so you can choose exactly how much you'd want to inflate it every single time, or setting hard limits in the app.

After a warmup, inserting the BAP5 (the name is too long) gave a nice stretching feeling 😍 – I was all for it! Once over the bump, it just slipped in. It brought a wave of pleasure from the pressure and fullness from the vibrator. It felt amazing, and that was without the inflation!

The deflation felt funny

I then gradually inflated, pulled it out and re-inserted it to see how far I could safely go. Too difficult to pull out? At that point I knew I've met my limit. I could feel more and more pressure as it was inflating inside. I've played with manual inflating anal toys previously and this felt similar.

The deflation though felt more funny, it felt like the toy farted while it was inside of me 😅. The deflation is a strange feeling but I don't mind!

The vibrations on the BAP5 are the bomb 🔥

With the inflation in place, giving me tons of pressure, I started trying out the vibrations. Let me tell you, the vibrations on the BAP5 are the bomb 🔥... Super rumbly and deep vibrations that travel powerfully far. Since the vibrations are deep, it's not that noisy! It's more of a low-pitched/deep vibration noise.


Video of the vibrations on the Air Pump Booty 5

I thought the Satisfyer Deep Diver had great buzzy vibrations, but this is on another level 🫢.

P-spot Pleasure

The strong vibrations along with the pressure from the inflation gave me nice p-spot feelings. I can't say it's the most obvious p-spot feelings, something like the Bootie Plug is still more likely to target your prostate, but some vague, pleasurable p-spot feelings were there.

Connected App features

The mobile app is great but I've got some more ideas 😎

I couldn't wait to try out more functions of the connected app, as from my previous Satisfyer Deep Diver review I already knew what was coming, and it is good 😌. Satisfyer uses the same app for all of their toys.

If you'd like to know the full features and review of their app, check it out in my previous review – to avoid being repetitive. All in all, it's a great app, with a patterns marketplace, ambient sound control, remote control, and so on ✅.

I immediately started playing my favorite vibration pattern which I downloaded from the marketplace. It is called lovely and it is the #1 most downloaded pattern. It is 15 minutes long and it's a thrill not knowing exactly what will happen next with the pattern.

I also found some other great patterns called 'pegging', 'analgasm' and so on. Although the inflation, and powerful vibrations were testing me to my limits, I was able to last for a considerable time, not willing to end the session just yet! Not only is this a great stamina training, it's also a great anal size training if you're into that.

Tip! Lying down with your legs straight, move your butt so the handle of the toy presses onto your legs, this gives some nice extra stimulation which is hard to resist.
My TOP 5 anal toys ✅

All in all, this was an amazing session and I'm in love with the BAP5 – if you have a better name for it though, please post it in the comments below! This toy easily goes to my TOP 5 anal toys ✅, and I'm already craving for my next chance to play with it 🔥.

Top Button Confusion

The handle and buttons of the Air Pump Booty 5

While I really love the Air Pump Booty 5, there are some parts I just don't understand.

The handle has 3 buttons. From bottom to top: power & vibration, inflation, unknown 🤔. I have no idea what the top button really does 🤪. It seems to have a very minor effect on the vibrations, but I can't tell what it is exactly.

The manual explains all buttons except the top button.. 🤷‍♂️

In terms of cleaning, I would have preferred some more guidance in the user manual. My common sense tells me the hole for the air pump should not get wet, otherwise the water will get in the air pump mechanism. Is this the case? Unclear so far 🤷‍♂️.

@Satisfyer I would really love to see some more effort in the user manuals and descriptions so we know exactly how to use it, and how to take care of the toys.


I love the BAP5, and I feel we should have access to a similar feature but in butt plug shape instead of it being a vibrator. Imagine being able to walk around with the same powerful vibrations and inflation, playing marketplace patterns while walking around? I would love that.

Another thing that would be great, is to have patterns that include the inflation, while being able to set your own maximum inflation limit for safety.

@Satisfyer here's some ideas to work with! I would really love seeing a butt plug with the same capabilities, and the same strong rumbly vibrations.

Material and Texture

Rear view of the Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5

It's made from body-safe silicone which is easy to wash. There is a vertical seam on the toy; while it is barely visible, you can not feel it with your fingers.

The silicone material used feels velvety smooth and slightly anti-slippery. It's not mentioned about it being waterproof, so be careful with that. As long as you don't put water into the air pump hole, you should be OK.

Want to know more about sex toy materials? Check out my safe sex toys article!

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Soap it up with warm water and mild soap, rinse, towel-dry and you're ready to go! Just make sure not to put water into the air pump hole ⚠️.

Should you get it?

If you're an intermediate at anal play... It's a strong YES! I'm not affiliated to Satisfyer – and even if I were it wouldn't change my honest review – but this is one of those must-get toys.

It's incredibly affordable for having inflation features, vibrations and being app-connected. The Satisfyer app works great too.

Get one, and thank me later.

Who is it not for?

If you're just getting started, the BAP5 will be too much of a jump. If you're into extremely large anal toys, then the BAP5 might not stretch enough for you.

If you're an intermediate to advanced anal player, you will love this toy.


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The pricing of the Air Pump Booty 5 really seems to depend from shop to shop! On the official website it shows up as 85USD/80EUR, but I was able to get it for 40USD/35EUR from a local sex shop.

If you really can't find a good deal, I would say this toy is still worth it at the original price, and is even better than some of the more expensive toys.


The Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5 has a strange name, but it blew my mind. Strong pressure thanks to the inflation, and super rumbly vibrations. Combine that with the app's functionalities and you have a super complete, powerful anal vibrator.

Not only did I like this toy, it became one of my TOP 5 anal toy favorites and I highly recommend you to get one too.

Satisfyer can still improve on the buttons and cleaning instructions, but as long as you're careful and use common sense you'll be fine.r

Finally, another shout-out, @Satisfyer, please make a butt plug version of this toy! Protection Status