Tenga Flip Zero & Zero Gravity White Masturbator Review

Tenga Flip Zero & Zero Gravity White Masturbator Review
The Tenga Flip Zero (left) and Tenga Flip Zero Gravity White (right)
Flip it open and spread the lube πŸ’§

Tenga is always focused on sleek, pleasurable, and simple-to-use toys. What is more annoying than spending 30 minutes washing sex toys after your session? If it takes that long, you'll be dreading the clean up after your session and end up not using your sex toys at all πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Tenga knows this and takes that into consideration 😎.

Looking at our previous reviews, it's easy to see how focused they are on making for a fast and easy clean-up experience.

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Why am I mentioning this? The Tenga Flip series are highly textured strokers, which are still incredibly easy to clean and dry. And you won't need a Fleshlight Air or a hairdryer πŸ˜†. Let's dive in!

Tenga has been kind enough to provide the Flip Zero and Flip Gravity in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links in this review help support me with running costs, I am truly grateful for your support πŸ₯°.


The Flip comes in a nice, not only beautiful but also practical case. It doesn't waste any space, although you will have to store it straight. The transparent cover tends to pop off when stored on its side.

The case can be turned into a drying stand. By removing the plastic clip on the stroker, it clips into place on the base, held by a magnetic force. This then allows you to float your Tenga Flip on top of it, slightly spread for drying.

This is very creative πŸ’‘, and also super practical. It does dry much faster this way – yes, you won't need to take out your hairdryer πŸ˜….

Opening up the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity White

Inside, you'll find:

  • The Tenga Flip itself
  • A small instruction booklet
  • A Tenga real hole lubricant sachet

Here are some interesting parts of the booklet, including how to use it as a drying stand:

How To Open The Tenga Flip

The Tenga Flip can be flipped open, allowing you to not only easily clean it, but also disperse lube very evenly.

With such an intensity in the textures of the Flips, it totally makes sense that they can be opened up for drying. If such textures were set up in a Fleshlight, it would take days to dry or require special equipment.


The Tenga Flips have super sci-fi-like textures, and I'm all for it 😏! It's refreshing to see such creative textures in a male masturbator. There is so much variety in these textures that they'll keep me interested for a very long time 🌟.


Left: Flip Zero White - Right: Flip Gravity White

The textures are asymmetric, meaning that you get a slightly different texture on either side of the masturbators while still following a similar theme. This allows for more variety, which is always great.

Both of these are squeezable from the outside, and as we'll see later, this plays a huge role in creating amazing suction 😎. Can you guess which one has the strongest suction of both?

Tenga Flip Zero Texture

With the Flip Zero, you get squeezed by a large orbs, forcing you to get stimulated by the nubs and ridges all around the toy.

Tenga Flip Gravity White Texture

With the Flip Zero Gravity, you don't have those orbs squeezing you around. Instead, there are ridged edges (see left photo) keeping you focused on special nubs (see right photo) all throughout the toy.

It gets very tight near the top, and it will give you a nice squeeze as you try to get in deep!


The Tenga Flips are made from TPE, like most male masturbators, such as Kiiroo strokers, Fleshlights and so on. TPE is porous but deemed safe if well taken care of when used in male masturbators. That means: clean it before and after every use, and let it dry fully before storing.

The material feels like most typical transparent TPE masturbators. Flexible but still firm enough to provide strong stimulation.

How It Feels

Let's go over how both of these feel and compare them at the end. Before getting started, we need to lube these up! Flip them open, and you can spread the lube around evenly.

Having the lube spread evenly from the start makes for a really smooth experience. Although these are so textured and I've had some lengthy sessions with the Flips, I never had to re-lube even once 😎.

Incredible suction πŸ‘Œ

Both of them have a neutral orifice and are squeezable. The orifice looks tight, but it is really flexible and you should be able to easily enter it with enough lubricant. The combination of narrow, flexible orifice and it being squeezable is the bomb πŸ”₯.

Why so? This makes for incredibly strong suction 😳! The best way I found to use it is to squeeze it before insertion, have your head at the entrance, and the Flip will naturally suck you in πŸ₯°, creating a nice and tight suction. Still got air in between? Squeeze it a bit tighter and the excess air will be gone, making for even stronger suction 😎.

The suction strength reminds me of the Tenga CUPs, and how Tenga has always been successful at making manual sex toys with super strong suction.

Over-stimulation? πŸ€”

Both Flips have very complex textures, which makes it fun, but can be over-stimulating as well. The material feels flexible while firm, making the textures very obvious during use. Do note I'm uncircumsized, so if you are circumsized it might not feel over-stimulating for you.

I found it's easier to last longer when it felt over-stimulating, so my overall sessions with the Flips tended to last longer.

How It Feels: Tenga Flip Zero

Entering the Flip Zero, you'll meet all sorts of orbs, nubs and ridges 🀩. The orbs in the texture make for an easier-to-penetrate, smooth experience, while the nubs are there to keep you challenged 😈.

The Flip Zero White felt more balanced, overall less over-stimulating and gave a smoother experience than the Zero Gravity. There are plenty of wet noises while using the Flip Zero πŸ’¦, although it's still much less obvious than with the Gravity. If there is no background noise, people in the next room might be able to hear this.

Texture Variety 😌
Wide variety of sensations in the Tenga Flip Zero White texture

On one side, it felt smooth with some very nice frenulum stimulation, while flipping it around, it made for stronger top-of-the-head action. The suction is obvious on the Flip Zero White, but it doesn't prevent you from stroking at your own pace 😌. It is well-balanced, but if you're looking for the strongest suction, the Gravity is better suited.

πŸ’‘ A tip for even more variety? Flip it sideways and enjoy an even different texture angle.

The Flip Zero White is an overall great masturbator which feels well-balanced in terms of suction, and texture βš–οΈ. If you're looking for a strongly textured masturbator that won't leave you sore πŸ₯΅? This is it!

How It Feels: Tenga Flip Zero Gravity White

The Flip Zero Gravity White is a beast 😈! Super strong suction, intense textures, strong wet noises πŸ’¦ and more. This texture feels more toothy and challenges you to push and pull through different canals into the toy.

This makes for a slower session, as the suction and strong textures do not allow you to stroke fast or too deep. If you're up for a super challenging, strong texture? This is it. This must be one of the strongest textured toys I've reviewed so far, and it's very fun!

My favorite Tenga Flip? πŸ‘€

At first I really enjoyed, and even preferred the Zero Gravity, however after multiple sessions I realized it felt over-stimulating at times, which brought me to prefer the Flip Zero instead for its nice and well-balanced sensations.

For daily use, the Flip Zero will be a better bet, but if you do want that extra challenge from time to time? The Zero Gravity is there for you, but be warned: it can be over-stimulating. If you do crave that over-stimulation which might leave you sore πŸ₯΅, this is the perfect toy for you.

In terms of cleanup, the Zero Gravity is the winner, the texture is super easy to clean out as it doesn't have too many pockets inside.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Thanks to its flip-open design, it's very easy to clean and dry. Flip it open, run warm water along with mild soap, and you're good to go! Drying times are also pretty fast; used in the evening, the next morning the toy was fully dry and ready to store. That's an impressive feat for such a complex textured toy πŸ‘Œ.

The Flips are reusable toys made from TPE, and you should be able to last practically forever if you take care of them well. As with all sex toys, make sure to wash it before and after every use, and only store it once fully dry.

Which Tenga Flip Should You Get?

Should you get the Flip Zero or Flip Zero Gravity? Let's break it down per category!

  • Easiest cleanup πŸ›: Tenga Flip Zero Gravity
    Although both are very easy, the Gravity's texture is just that much easier to clean up.
  • Best texture 🫧: Tenga Flip Zero
  • Strongest stimulation πŸ’ͺ: Tenga Flip Zero Gravity
    Although it can feel over-stimulating at times
  • Strongest suction πŸ‘„: Tenga Flip Zero Gravity
  • Least noisy πŸ”Š: Tenga Flip Zero
    Both make wet noises, but on the Gravity the wet noises were stronger.
  • Best for fast, smooth full length strokes ⏩: Tenga Flip Zero
    The Zero Gravity's suction is so strong it makes it tricky to have fast, smooth full-length strokes. If you're into fast, smoother strokes, the regular Flip Zero will be a better fit.
  • Best overall masturbator πŸ…: Tenga Flip Zero
The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity was made to create for a smoother, faster stroking experience with less texture. In practice I experienced the opposite, but πŸ’‘ note your mileage may vary depending on your girth.

On the Gravity, the middle 'wall' you have to push through creates strong suction which slows me down a lot more than the Flip Zero.

Should you get it?

If you're looking a sci-fi, futuristic textured stroker with strong stimulation and strong suction? The Tenga Flip Zero / Gravity White are both amazing πŸ”₯.

It all depends on you, if you'd like a more balanced, but still strongly textured stroker? The Flip Zero has got you 🌟.
Do you want to be challenged with a slightly toothy, super strong suction experience? The Flip Zero Gravity is for you πŸ”₯.

The mechanism on the Flip is amazingly well-designed πŸ₯‡. Strong textures, strong vacuum and still easy to clean up and apply an even layer of lube.

I completely understand why people recommend the Flips so often, it is one of the more premium Tenga toys on the market. Sure, the Tenga 3D and Tenga Spinner are great, but the Flip makes it even more enjoyable and fun thanks to the very diverse textures. The diversity in the Flip textures will keep me entertained for a long time 🌟.

I've used both in many test sessions, and although I used them with both slow and powerful strong strokes, they look like new. The Flips should be very durable and can be re-used many many times.

Who is it not for?

If you're not into strongly textured toys with strong suction, you'll be best off with one of the below alternatives.

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Tenga Flip Editions & Accessory

There's a lot of different Tenga Flip versions out there! There's an EV version that vibrates, and a black version that is more stimulating and tighter.

If you're well-endowed, stick with the white edition of the Flip, as the black edition could possibly get too tight.


You can get the Flip Zero and Flip Zero Gravity White at 99USD/120EUR each on the Tenga Official stores.

While 99 USD seems like a fair price for a premium masturbator, the European price of 120 EUR feels a bit high in comparison. Nevertheless, the Flip remains a great toy that I fully recommend if you are ready to invest in a great, highly textured sci-fi masturbator 😎.


Overall the Flip Zero and Zero Gravity White are an amazing experience. Very different from the usual realistic strokers, along with some futuristic sci-fi textures πŸ€–. Having it flip open is a game changer in terms of cleaning and evenly lubing the masturbator.

If you're looking for more variety in your textures and some challenging play that will milk you until you're sore 😈? You'll know what to do 😏.

Tenga Flip Zero White Summary

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity White Summary

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