Fleshlight Air Drying Accessory Review

Fleshlight Air Drying Accessory Review
The Fleshlight Air along with a Fleshlight Boost and surrounded by Quickshots

Stop using a hairdryer on your Fleshlights πŸ˜…! If you have any Fleshlight or you're just curious, read on, as this article could change your entire Fleshlight experience.

Fleshlights are great male masturbators coming in many different varieties, such as Fleshlight Girls, QuickShots, STU, and so on. If you don't have any, or are still choosing your next Fleshlight, take a look at my article 'How to choose your next Fleshlight':

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The Usual Cleaning Process

What do Fleshlights all have in common? After use, there is a cleanup involved 🌚. Cleanup with male masturbators can be more cumbersome than other toys such as dildos and butt plugs – since those are easy to dry.

With male masturbators such as Fleshlights, you'll need to clean the sleeve with a sex toy cleaner, patting the outside dry and leaving it somewhere to dry for hours, if not a day... This drying process can be slow and frustrating as the inside of the sleeve needs to fully dry.

In other words, you'll have to leave a realistic vagina/butt/mouth shaped orifice out in the open for at least a day. I just hope you don't have any visitors that day! And what if you use it daily 😳? Not all of us have a dedicated sex room!

Meet the Fleshlight Air

The Fleshlight Air costs around 60 USD. It is a fancy small device, and works with a wide range of Fleshlights:

The device comes with interchangeable rings to match the width of your Fleshlight device, as you can see in the above photo. Plug in your Fleshlight, press the start button, and a fan inside will force air through your Fleshlight sleeve.

First Impressions

The Fleshlight Air with the QuickShot Alien. The QuickShot ring is inserted into the Air to allow inserting a QuickShot-sized Fleshlight.

My first impressions, the Fleshlight Air is easy to store, it's not that large, but it's not 'that small' either, since Fleshlights need to be able to fit inside. It mostly takes up horizontal space. If you have space to store Fleshlights, you should be fine storing this too.

The plastic doesn't feel particularly high-quality, but hey, it's a drying fan, it doesn't need to be made from metal! It's good enough for what it's meant for, drying your sex toys. You're not going to use it as a hair dryer, are you 😳?

It comes with a USB cable. You'll need your own adapter to plug it into, you could for example use your phone charger.

How To Use The Fleshlight Air

First of all, clean your Fleshlight sleeve and case. Pat dry the outside of your sleeve and case. Put the sleeve back into its case. Remove the suction cover at the end of your Fleshlight, if any – so the air can flow through.

Once that's done, place the correct-sized ring into the Fleshlight Air. Plug in the USB-cable to a phone charger, or other. Place the Fleshlight into it, rotate it securely. You can then turn it on using the one central button.

One click of the button equals a 20 minutes drying time. You can click up to 3 times for a maximum of 1 hour drying. Once the time runs out, it will automatically stop.

Is It Loud When Drying Fleshlights?

Very valid question πŸ‘! Think about the sound of a computer fan inside a box. That's more or less what is sounds like. It sounds louder than a fan inside of a computer, but it sounds less suspicious 🧐 than a vibrator. The below video can give you a hint of how noisy it is in action.

A video to give you an idea of the Fleshlight Air noise level

Is it discreet? Not really. If I close the door, I can hear it in the next rooms. If you need to hide your toys, then this might not be a good fit for you. People are definitely going to wonder what that sound is! Next to that, the sound of a blowing fan is not particularly pleasant.

@Fleshlight team: I would love seeing a more silent version! Although that might mean it wouldn't be as strong, that might be a trade-off I can deal with. The noise of the fan can be a bit irritating at times.

How Fast Does It Dry Your Fleshlight?

Quite fast, and efficient! I use it for both the Quickshot and Fleshlight Girls.

  • Quickshot: 1 cycle of 20 minutes is enough to get it dry! If you're worried there's still some humidity somehow, you could go for 2 cycles for ease-of-mind.
  • Fleshlight Girls: this largely depends on which sleeve you're using it with! Some sleeves dry very quickly, with 1 cycle. While others might need 2-3 cycles (1 hour). 3 cycles seems to be enough for the most intricate sleeves, that is about 1 hour of drying.

What Makes The Fleslight Air So Special?

The Fleshlight Boost sitting in the Fleshlight Air unit

Yes it's a fancy portable fan in a box. However, it's more than that. It was designed with efficiency in mind. The interchangeable discs perfectly fit the shape of your Fleshlight - be it a QuickShot, Girls, or other.

The Fleshlight Air was designed to have a strong air-flow, to dry your toys just that much quicker.

Why is this such a big deal? Well you want the air to be concentrated into the Fleshlight, and not escaping through the sides. This was designed to have a strong air-flow, to dry your toys just that much quicker.

Is The Fleshlight Air Worth It?

I vote 100% yes βœ…. While it is quite loud, it really does get the job done much faster πŸ‘.

It's fantastic how fast a QuickShot can be dried up and put back in storage. The same goes for full-sized Fleshlights, with a max drying time of 1 hour you can put it back in your storage.

If you are a Fleshlight fan, this is a must-buy.

That's a big improvement compared to leaving the sleeve out in a visible place with airflow. Checking up after one day, some sleeves weren't even dry yet using this method! The longer it is wet, the riskier for it to grow mold πŸ₯Ά, and we definitely don't want that!

It's great not having to leave sleeves outside in plain sight for such a long time. You can invite your friends over again without showing them your collection!

Alternatives: Fleshlight Drying Units

While the Fleshlight Air is actively drying your Fleshlight, Fleshlight has come up with other passive ways to dry them as well.

I don't have any of the passive Fleshlight Drying Units at this time, so I cannot give more details at this time. These are basically different ways to hang your Fleshlights so they can more easily dry. Best of all, these are noiseless, more discreet and come at bargain prices of around 20USD.

Common Questions

Is the Fleshlight Air compatible with the Fleshlight Boost Bang/Blast/Blow?

I have good news, because, yes the Fleshlight Air is compatible with the Fleshlight Boost line-up.

The Fleshlight Boost line-up is the blue-colored full-sized Fleshlights with turbo-rings. Do not confuse it with the QuickShot Boost, although that one also is compatible with the Fleshlight Air.

Why do some Fleshlight Air units have a green light, while some others have a blue light?

This is likely due to the Fleshlight Air being made at different factories. The green light Fleshlight Air seems to be the latest version – although I cannot confirm this 100%.


Let's go back over the pros and cons for clarity.

Fleshlight Air

Make your Fleshlight clean-up just that much easier, and faster!

View Product Details at Fleshlight

Fleshlight Air Review


  • Works with Fleshlight QuickShot, Classic, Girls, STU, Go, Flight
  • It effectively dries your toys: full-sized fleshlights 20 mins-60mins. Quickshots: 20 mins.
  • Relatively small device


  • The fan can be quite loud. The sound is not discreet, and can be slightly irritating.

Final Score: 8/10

All in all, I'd say this is a must-have if you are a Fleshlight fan, it makes cleanup just that much easier, and more pleasant!

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