Kiiroo FeelMolly - Molly Stewart Masturbator Review: Can You Handle the Ride?

FeelMolly - Molly Stewart Kiiroo Stroker packaging
Hard to resist a ride with Molly Stewart!
Can you handle the ride with Molly Stewart?

If you haven't heard of Kiiroo yet, they have an amazing range of sex toys. From blowjob machines, automatic masturbator and sex machines, to glow-in-the-dark masturbators, they have it all!

Both the FeelReya and FeelVictoria strokers were top smash hits. Now it's time to try out the FeelMolly, modeled to Molly Stewart!

Meet Molly Stewart. Born in 1991, she was nominated for both AVN and XBIZ Awards. She has worked with Digital Playground, Mofos, Reality Kings, Manyvids, Playboy, Babes, Brazzers, and more.

Kiiroo has been kind enough to provide the FeelMolly in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links in this review help support me with running costs, as always – I am truly grateful for your support πŸ₯°.


Just like the FeelReya and FeelVictoria, Kiiroo totally killed it with the packaging of the FeelMolly πŸ”₯! The packaging is truly irresistible and makes me feel hungry in anticipation of what's coming next.

The FeelMolly stood out to me with its variety in texture which looks like it will pull you right in.

Something came to my attention β€” I was surprised to see the FeelMolly being slightly shorter than the FeelVictoria, why would that be?

Looking at it in more detail, it became clear why the FeelMolly is shorter. FeelVictoria's orifice is more round and plump, sticking out more outside of the case than the FeelMolly. We'll see how this translates to pleasure a bit further.

There's a sticker on the box which acts as a hygiene sticker. While you could try to re-stick it, it should be quite clear whether it has been tampered with.

The box contains the FeelMolly stroker, and that's it! An eco-friendly minimalistic design by Kiiroo. Opening the case, the sleeve was slightly bent inside, but there is nothing to worry about. After a few hours, it returns to its original shape. Worst case, I'm sure Kiiroo would take care of it for you.

FeelMolly Orifice

The lips of the FeelMolly have some real depth to them. They normally lay flat, but you can feel behind the lips with your fingers or penis – the lips are not fused to the material behind them. Instead, the lips can move freely, which makes for a fun and more realistic experience.

Talking about color, the color on the FeelMolly sleeve felt a bit less natural, which somewhat breaks immersion. It took me a while to figure out why exactly.

Other Kiiroo sleeves are also made with only one color, so why would the FeelMolly feel different? The lips! The lips are very obvious with the FeelMolly, and having them in the same color as the rest of the sleeve makes it feel less natural. If you love juicy lips and strong stimulation, this is something you can easily look over and ignore!

The FeelMolly orifice can take some effort to get into. Ranking the FeelMolly, FeelVictoria, and FeelReya in terms of first penetration tightness:

  1. FeelReya – easier to penetrate
  2. FeelMolly – medium tight entrance which requires slight effort
  3. FeelVictoria – tight entrance which requires obvious effort to get into

With the FeelVictoria and FeelMolly, once you popped out, it really takes some effort to get back in – and that's a good thing! This keeps things fun.

How It Feels

Like other recent Kiiroo strokers, the FeelMolly feels soft and not sticky.

I honestly had a tricky time describing the feeling of the FeelMolly – almost like a writer's block? I gave it multiple tests and couldn't quite grasp the feelings. I then decided to get my 2 favorite Kiiroo sleeves ready for a comparison: the FeelVictoria and FeelReya. Having a point of reference made it easier to describe 😌.

It's a sleeve that you have to learn to love. It takes a few plays with it before you truly understand what's going on, and how you can use it to your advantage. Once you do, you're in for an awesome ride 😎.

The texture starts with a nicely nubbed chamber ✨. This part is very satisfying, and will have you enjoying some faster undeep penetrations to get those nubs on the head. Going deeper, we get a tighter entrance to a second chamber. From this point on, there are strong toothy edges and it gets narrower. The narrow part gets very intense. As it gets more intense, slower and deeper strokes will feel more natural.


After a couple of deep penetrations, I started to feel quite sore, but I kept on going as the textures are very enjoyable πŸ˜‹. If you're well-endowed, the narrow part will feel too tight, and can leave you sore. However, I found a trick!

Penetrating FeelMolly sideways makes for a totally different sensation. I could clearly feel every single chamber/canal as I went in and out, without being too toothy. The sleeve also felt less tight this way, which is a win!

Penetrating FeelMolly upside down – as in doggystyle, resulted in lots of frenulum stimulation – and I'm a definite fan of that.

Orifice and Suction

Since the orifice pops out less from the case compared to the typical Kiiroo strokers, it is also less bouncy during use. This could be seen as more realistic by some, although I still prefer the bounce and stretchy feeling from FeelVictoria as I go in and out.

Suction-wise, the FeelMolly has very good suction going on, but keep in mind it is not compatible with the PowerBlow. You can however use it with a Keon. The Keon automatic stroker can be paired with FeelMe AI / Video Watcher in order to sync it to almost any online porn videos without having to download scripts. Not sure what those are? I've got you covered:

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Comparison with FeelVictoria and FeelReya

The biggest difference compared to the FeelVictoria: the chambers of the FeelMolly vary in size by a LOT, while the FeelVictoria's chambers feel more steady. This makes for more aggressive, almost toothy stimulation with the FeelMolly.

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The biggest difference compared to the FeelReya: the entrance of the FeelMolly is tighter, and overall it just feels tighter. This gives for a more aggressive stimulation with the FeelMolly.

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If you love rough, toothy, aggressive sex? The FeelMolly is right there for you. This sleeve can leave you sore, if you control it well and are able to handle it, this can be in a very good way – you've been warned πŸ˜‰. Are you able to handle it?

If you're up for even stronger stimulation? You could combine it with the Hismith sex machine, which is truly a power combo. A rough sleeve and a crazy powerful machine.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

The FeelMolly orifice

FeelMolly is a TPE stroker, like most male masturbators. TPE is a porous material, so you must clean it well before and after every use.

Soap it up in warm water. Make sure you get all of that lube off, and dry it well before storing it to avoid mold. The FeelMolly is moderately easy to dry off. Although I didn't actively check every hour, the next morning it was fully dry.

If you want to dry it even faster, I recommend using ceramic drying sticks. These are inexpensive and can be found in many shops. I have some like this (not affiliated) and they work amazingly well – just make sure not to drop them as they are fragile.

Inner texture video

As you might know, I'm recording the inner textures of all the male masturbators I review so you have a better idea how they look like on the inside.


Internal texture video of the Kiiroo FeelMolly

If you'd like to compare it to the other strokers, go ahead and check out my large post with all the internal texture videos!

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Should you get it?

If you're looking for:

  • A masturbator shaped to Molly Stewart
  • Strong, almost rough stimulation
  • Strong head stimulation
  • Good suction
  • You want to feel spent after your session, leaving you slightly sore
  • Compatible with the Keon
  • A fun orifice with great detail to the lips – which you can fold/move with your fingers or penis

Then FeelMolly will be an irresistible option for you.

Looking at others' reviews of the FeelMolly, people love the lips on this orifice. They mention it's great for long sessions, easy to clean, and tight and stimulating without feeling mushy.

These all make sense to me, although my personal favorite remains the FeelVictoria for its tighter entry and more consistent stimulation – the FeelMolly is very nice to switch things up and get rough. Both are great options and you will definitely enjoy them.

Who is it not for?

If you are:

  • Well-endowed and are afraid it might be too tight? Check out the FeelReya instead. The FeelMolly can still work if you're not afraid of getting a bit sore 😈
  • Wanting a smoother texture
  • Afraid of more edgy/toothy textures
  • Not wanting to re-lube the sleeve from time to time
  • Not into rough/more aggressive sex

Then the FeelMolly might not be the one for you.

In terms of tightness, if you're above average you'll be fine, but it will feel slightly too tight. You might be able to accept this, or go for another stroker such as the FeelReya instead. If you are well-above average,the FeelSensation might be a better fit with its smoother texture.

Want a smoother alternative which also glows in the dark? The FeelGlow looks and feels great.

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The Bobble is also ready to give you a rough ride!


The FeelMolly Stroker comes in at 79USD/79EUR.

Luckily for SafeLust fans, you can get an extra discount by using discount code: SAFELUST at checkout!

If you're getting the FeelMolly and you want to step up your game? Definitely consider grabbing a Keon along with FeelMe AI. Your hand will thank you.

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FeelMolly, oh boy, what an experience! She pulls you in, and once you're out, you'll be left fully spent and slightly sore. It's such a pleasurable, rough ride.

Definitely get it if you're in for such a rough ride, or if you currently own more mild sleeves, the FeelMolly is great to add some variety. Protection Status