Reviews coming up, and giveaway winners

Reviews coming up, and giveaway winners

Curious what I'm currently working on? Let's say, it literally sucks, but in a good way 😎. That's a great hint.

Although no review yet this week, I still wanted to give you an update 🌟. I usually post on Mondays, but this toy is very special and takes more time to review. Don't worry though, it'll be published this week still, you won't have to wait too long πŸ˜‰!

I have tons of toys lined up for review from Tenga, Kiiroo, Strap-on-me, Nexus, Fleshlight and more 😎. Let me know which one you'd like to see next by commenting below!


In the meantime, the September giveaway special has ended πŸ†.

The 2 winners of the September giveaway have been contacted – so make sure to check your email! A confirmation is required within 7 days, otherwise another winner is picked.

Don't worry if you didn't get it this time, I'll arrange more giveaways soon. The more people join the giveaways, the more prizes I can arrange.


Did you know, the Keon just won the XBIZ award for being the most innovative Sex Toy of the Year? Seeing it's still the best automatic stroker you can get for a good price, it doesn't surprise me 😎.

Another cool news, Tenga is featuring my SafeLust review for their Tenga Puffy on their websites!


Here are some top articles you definitely should check out if you've missed them previously.

The Tenga Puffy is a whole new line-up from Tenga, and brings amazing softness to their squishy, marshmallow-like reusable masturbators.

New Tenga Puffy Soft Reusable Masturbators Review
Tenga released yet another unique sex toy! Holding the Puffy feels like marshmallow fluff. Find out how the unique textures feel in practice.

The Strap-On-Me Hybrid line-up brings fun shapes to squishy dildos.

Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug - Balls Review
A hands-on review of the Strap-On-Me Hybrid Dildo Plug Balls. How does it perform as a plug, dildo, or strap-on sex toy? Let’s find out right now

The Tenga CUPs, traditional, but yet much more powerful than you'd expect.

Tenga Original & Premium Vacuum CUP Masturbator Review
Why use disposable sex toys? Are the Tenga CUPs really that good? The vacuum will knock your socks off, let’s dive into why the CUPs are so great

The Fleshlight Air, an accessory I can't do without when enjoying Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Air Drying Accessory Review
Stop using a hairdryer on your Fleshlight ?! Tired of waiting for your Fleshlight to dry? Meet the Fleshlight Air.

The latest line-up of Fleshlights, newly released during this year, with tons of new features.

New Fleshlight Boost Bang Light Male Masturbator Review
Is the Fleshlight Boost Bang truly worth the hype? In-depth review: Double Turbo-Rings. New orifices. New skin tones. New suction control cap.

I can't wait to show you the next review, stay tuned! Protection Status