Upcoming Safe Lust Sex Toy Reviews Summer 2023

Upcoming Safe Lust Sex Toy Reviews Summer 2023
Can you guess which sex toy this is?

Fear not, we are working hard on our next SafeLust reviews and posts! While I'm testing out all sorts of toys and preparing in-depth reviews, here's a sneak peek of what's to come 🤩. Since I test the toys thoroughly it can take some time to perfect my reviews before publishing them.

Not into the below toys? Don't worry, these 5 are just a fraction of what I'm planning to review next 😉.

Can you guess these sex toys?

While a bit late for an easter egg hunt, are you ready for our own SafeLust "sex toy hunt" 🌟? Will you be able to identify the upcoming SafeLust reviews from these images? If so, make sure to comment below, or on the Twitter post!

Sex Toy #1

If you're a true fan of this brand, you'll immediately know which toy this is. Get ready, as this review is almost complete and ready to be published very soon!

Buttony Sex Toy #2

This is slightly more difficult. The buttons can however be a great hint.

Beaded Sex Toy #3

If you know this toy, the shape and color will give it away immediately. If not, the shape will certainly have you intrigued.

Innovative Mystery Sex Toy #4

This sex toy has a more innovative shape as you can see, can you guess how it works?

Shiny Mystery Sex Toy #5

While it's clear what it is, let me give you an extra hint, this sex toy is from the same brand as sex toy #1.


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The answers will be revealed at the bottom of this post, one at a time while I post the reviews 😄.

#1: The B-Vibe Trio Plug

B-Vibe Trio Rechargeable Butt Plug Review
The B-Vibe Trio Butt Plug has a unique 3-motor feature which surprised me. Find out all the details in this in-depth review at Safe Lust.

#4: Fun Factory Manta

Fun Factory Manta Male Masturbator Review
A male vibrator with a strange shape? I definitely had to check this out. The Manta surprised me in many ways. Read the in-depth review now!

#5: The B-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug

B-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug M/L Emerald Review
The b-Vibe vibrating jewel plug looks beautiful ?, does it also feel amazing? It has lots of vibration patterns. Find out in this in-depth review
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