New & Unique Safe Lust Logo in 2023

New & Unique Safe Lust Logo in 2023

If you've visited Safe Lust recently, you've probably noticed – Safe Lust has a fancy new logo!

The new Safe Lust logo

The previous logo was based on an emoji and didn't represent the SafeLust brand very well.

The previous Safe Lust logo

While the emoji did represent the excitement in using sex toys, it did not feel unique enough. Instead, we now have a very unique logo to represent Safe Lust.

The new logo is meant to be clean, minimalistic, while conveying a strong message of safe sex toys. This message is conveyed through the butt plug inside the green shield 😏.

Ever since starting Safe Lust I've been searching for a new logo that would be a great fit. It's been a long journey to finding a logo fit for Safe Lust 😅.

I've made prototypes, and hired designers, but unfortunately I wasn't happy with the result. They were too complicated, and the logo was not obvious enough to understand what it actually meant!

I decided to take a step back and make it simpler. Safe lust stands for safe sex toys, so a green shield along with a butt plug is all it takes 😉.

Old logo references

You can still find the old logo here and there in the previous reviews, this is normal. Although I prefer spending time reviewing more sex toys to guide you better, I will gradually update these to the new logo where possible 😊.


Now it's your turn – do you have any feedback on the new logo? Let me know in the comments below! Protection Status