Tenga Geo Coral Masturbator Review

Tenga Geo Coral Masturbator Review
The Geo Coral is yet another art-piece from Tenga
Re-usable Tenga Eggs? Meet the Geo series.

Having really enjoyed the Tenga 3D Spiral, trying out the rounder version, the Tenga Geo Coral only made sense as a next step. The Geo comes in 3 versions, from my research the Coral is one of the most intense, which is why I chose it.

The Tenga Geo versions: Aqua, Coral and Glacier

You might already know, Tenga is a Japanese company and they are famous for their disposable egg masturbators. The Geo coral feels very similar to the egg masturbators, while being re-usable.

Tenga sent me the Geo Coral in exchange for an honest review. The affiliate links in this post directly support me and allow me to run more giveaways 🌟. I really appreciate all your support ❀️!

Curious how the Tenga 3D Spiral, Tenga Spinner and Tenga Bobble worked out? They were all great in different aspects.

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The Tenga 3D Spiral already surprised me with its artsy look, although one could still guess it is an adult item. With the Geo Coral, it is even more inconspicuous and people might not realize what it is meant for πŸ˜‰.

Tear the tape at the base, and a sachet of Tenga Hole Real lubricant will pop out.

When removing the Tenga Geo sleeve from the stand, it helps to spread it while wriggling so as not to damage it. Don't use sharp nails on the texture.

In my case I might not have been careful enough as I found some small scratches on the surface after removing it. The stick holding up the Geo is not very round, which could have contributed to it. Fortunately the scratches are on the outside of the toy, and won't affect its use.

Looking at the above photo, it totally looks like a shiny hard-boiled egg! Or a piece of mozzarella. Well, as tasty as it looks, don't try to eat it πŸ˜….

What's included with the Tenga Geo Coral?

You'll get:

  • The Tenga Geo Coral masturbator itself
  • A sachet of Tenga Hole – Real lubricant
  • An instruction booklet
  • A plastic display/storage/drying case
The Tenga Geo Coral removed from the stand with the stick still inserted

Did you know, the Tenga Geo can rotate in its case? Gently push it and it'll keep rotating! A nice touch by Tenga – it's quite fun to play with. You can also remove it from the stand with the stick still inserted, see above photo.

I couldn't resist it, here's a video of the Tenga Geo rotating:

Video of the Tenga Geo rotating on its base

Tenga Hole Real Lubricant

Tenga Hole - Real Lubricant Sachet

I'll have to make a separate review to do it justice, but here is some info. The Tenga Hole Real lubricant sachet is incredibly easy to tear open without a mess, even with greasy fingers.

It's a really thick, stringy-type lubricant which works well with the Geo. If you're used to Fleshlube, you'll find this is a completely different feel. Fleshlube is very liquidy, while Tenga Hole Real is very thick and stringy.

Honestly both are good, but offer different feelings. In the end I prefer the Tenga Hole Real lubricant as it stays where it should, while Fleshlube is easy to leak/spill out of the toy. There's a reason it's called Fleshlube water.

Shape and Size

The Tenga Geo Coral in its original packaging

The shape of the Geo is unlike many masturbators on the market. It is almost perfectly round, ball-shaped, and this comes with pros and cons.

The round shape is a definite plus for larger girths. The Geo feels gripping at the entrance, but not too tight thanks to having a larger width on the inside. This is a better alternative to the 3D series for larger girths. Thanks to the tight (but not too tight) entrance, this toy should work fine for smaller girths as well.

The Geo can be stretched a lot

In terms of length, the Geo can be stretched a lot, but at some point it gives quite some resistance. I suggest to not expect it to be around the full length of your shaft. Instead, try to experience a different sensation by focusing on the head and on the middle of the shaft.

How deep can you go?

How deep can you go comfortably? From my experience and measurements, around 4in/10cm. Some reviewers are mentioning 6-7 inches, but that's just not the reality. Unless you're explicitly looking for deep penetration, this is not a bad thing, the Geo feels good as it is.

Now it can't all be positive, holding the Geo in the hand can be more awkward than longer-shaped masturbators. It didn't bother me much, but I can imagine it could for some people, and especially if you have smaller hands.

How it feels

Inside the Tenga Geo Coral
It is easy to have lengthy sessions with this toy.

The Tenga Geo is soft, smooth, and stretchy in a springy way. To get started, I gave it a thorough wash with a sex toy cleaner, flipped it inside out and it was ready to go.

The texture is in no way sharp, it is incredibly soft and not aggressive at all. The exact patterns of the texture aren't super obvious during use, probably because the pattern is rather detailed. The Geo feels very comfortable without going over-the-top. It is a pleasant alternative to using the hand that brings a nice variation.

I found that while it feels great, it is easy to have lengthy sessions with this toy. If you're into that, or just want to train your stamina, this is for you.

Re-usable Tenga Eggs?

Having tried Tenga's popular Tenga Eggs in the past, the Geo felt surprisingly familiar! The material is similar to the 3D Series, while having a shape similar to the Tenga Eggs, which can be stretched to accommodate more length. Do note, since the material is thicker on the Geo, it won't stretch as much as the Tenga Eggs, but at least it is re-usable, which is a big plus.

You could try using it while it is not flipped inside-out, an experiment I also did on the 3D series. It provides a smoother texture with most of the stimulation coming from the entrance. I still very much prefer the textured side πŸ˜‰.


I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the Geo being more round, there is more air available inside the toy. This means that while there is suction going on – it is not too strong to the point of not allowing you to enter the toy.

I personally prefer this kind of light-to-medium suction experience, but this will depend on you. If you're into very strong suction, the 3D Spiral or Spinner Beads might be a better choice for you.

Noise Level

The quietest and most discreet toy during use.

This is a huge plus. Compared to the 3D series, Spinners, and Bobble, this is clearly the quietest and most discreet toy during use.

Yes, it can make some sloppy noises when initially entering it, but if you are careful, once you are inside it can be used very discreetly. This will take some skill, but learning to handle the Geo in a discreet way is easy! The Geo scores a good point on discretion.

Material and Texture

The Tenga Geo Coral is made from TPE as most male masturbators are. It's a material that's generally considered safe for male masturbators. It is a porous material, meaning you'll have to make extra sure to clean it and dry it well, ideally before and right after use.

The Geo Coral feels strong enough for many uses, as long as you're careful removing it from the drying stand, as that could scratch it. If you're careful to not over-stretch it you'll be able to keep it for a long time.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Tenga Geo Coral on the drying stand

The Tenga Geo comes with a drying stand. Cleaning and drying the Geo is easy.

First off, use some soap, and get it all around and inside the toy. Make sure to remove any residue from your session by rubbing your hands all around the toy, this will be the hardest part due to its small chambers.

Rinse it off with warm water. Next towel dry the outside, flip it inside-out and towel-dry the outside again. That way, both the inside and outside are quickly dry.

The Tenga Geo how to use manual

You'll find that due to the intricate patterns it will be hard to towel dry it completely. That's why it's best to let it air dry on the stand for a while after towel drying it. I found it dries very fast and easily.


Is the Tenga Geo Coral re-usable?

Yes! Tenga sells both disposable and re-usable sex toys. The Geo Coral is part of the re-usables. You can find all their re-usables on the official Tenga website.

I'll add more questions/answers here as they pop up! Leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Should you get it?

If you're looking for:

  • A piece of art that doesn't take too much space
  • An easy to clean and dry masturbator
  • A discreet masturbator that people will have no clue what it is for if you display it
  • A masturbator with a moderate intensity, moderate suction which is great for longer sessions
  • A masturbator that works great for larger and smaller girths

Then the Tenga Geo Coral is for you 🌟.

Since it can be turned inside-out, this can very easily become a favorite daily driver and rival more traditional masturbators. The Geo gets extra points for clean-up 🫧!

You can get it from the official Tenga shop at Β 39USD / 40EUR for a re-usable masturbator. This is a reasonable price for a re-usable masturbator.

Who is it not for?

  • If you are looking for strong suction
  • If you are looking for a tight masturbator
  • If you are looking for deep penetration
  • If you are looking for a realistic masturbator
  • If you are looking for an automatic masturbator, in that case, the Kiiroo Keon would be my go-to recommendation

If you fall into any of the above categories, you might find better luck with our alternatives below.


The Tenga 3D Spiral is a masturbator made from similar materials, with a stronger/aggressive feel, and stronger suction. It will allow you to penetrate deeper than the Geo.

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The Tenga Spinners offer much more suction, while having a self-twisting movement during penetration – a great twist for your sessions!

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Next, the Tenga Bobble offers unique sensations, forcing you to bend your way through its crazy cubes.

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Finally, if you're looking for realistic toys, Fleshlight excels at this with their Fleshlight Girls / Fleshjack collection – made from real intimate parts molds of your favorite adult actresses / actors.

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The Tenga Geo Coral on its drying stand

The Tenga Geo Coral is a solid, reliable, discreet, no-mess masturbator. It is so discreet that it will easily become your favorite 🎊.

I give the Tenga Geo a solid 8.5/10.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions on the scoring system I should use!

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