Elust Publication #161

This publication's highlight, all you need to know about male chastity by Violet Fawkes

Elust Publication #161
Image by Jess Bailey Designs via Pexels

Below is the original Elust #161 publication, along with my own comments per article. It also includes this month's Safe Lust product review of the b-Vibe Trio Plug.

As always, I will highlight one of this month's Elust articles. This month's highlight is Violet Fawkes male chastity article. it is full of interesting male chastity facts.

Male Chastity: Everything You Need to Know - Violet Fawkes
Everything you need to know about male chastity: what it is, how it’s done, and why you might like this counter intuitive kink.

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Congratulations The Barefoot Sub, winner of the Elust contest for March. I hope you enjoy your Β£50 GBP Regulation voucher.



Product Reviews

Funzze Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe – Trying out a dual stimulation vibe in public

TOY TEST – PinkPunch PEACHU Clit Sucker – A toy that looks fancy but is hard to hold due to its shape

B-Vibe Trio Rechargeable Butt Plug Review – Our very own Safe Lust article reviewing the innovative patterns of the b-Vibe Trio Plug

Harrow Bulb Depth Trainer From John Thomas Toys Review – A smooth long tentacle for depth play

Erotic Fiction

Red Rose - first chapter of MIRROR SECRET MIRROR – An excerpt of a book to be published end of May. What's behind the mirror? Find out for yourself!

Bound – A steamy story in a hotel

Matthew meets Jamie – An erotic story with a transwoman

Behind the Lens: A Tale of Intimacy and Artistry – She found a man through an NSFW advertisement

Erotic Non Fiction

Cock Sucking - An Oral Fixation – My mouth floods, preparation for what I hope is to come.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Why Lifestyle D/s? – How it is to be in a D/s relation

In a Pinch – Hand grabs in the car

Male Chastity: Everything You Need to Know – Interesting article explaining about male chastities

Sex Work

Gangbang Fantasy – Sharing their darkest secrets

A Duo with Ruth and Her Habibi – Roleplay in a PVC dress

Why do we Need a Search Engine for Independent Sex Worker Websites? – Creating a safe provider atmosphere for finding independent sex worker websites

State of the World

Is It Time to Reevaluate Our Spending on Pleasure and Entertainment? – Generally we spend more on TV/technology entertainment than adult toys. Does the TV or the sex toy give you greater satisfaction?

Books and Movies

Recent Reading – Books to read about relationships

Writing about Writing

Adventures in Writing: Learning Lessons from Three Regrets of my Writing Life – Follow your heart when writing


Miami Girl – A sensual poem

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Sexy things that are really NOT that sexy! – This article might make you rethink food sex!

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